Sunday, February 8, 2009

Marc's Daisy

Remember when I told you that little Daisy Lowe was going to be the new face of Marc? Well may I present to you some of the flesh-friendly photos featuring the Brit "It" girl shot by Juergen Teller.

I had been particularly excited about this campaign because as you can see, the circumference of Daisy's limbs leave little confusion as to which are arms and which are legs. I must admit that I am a little on the disappointed side, however, that this is decidedly less quirky than Juergen's other Marc ads, like the ones featuring Miss Posh aka VB. Now those were cheeky. (I added them below just for you, Mel!) Daisy is a gorgeous woman and without a doubt, the photos are hot.

Perhaps the fact that these ads are more demure is a sign of the tough economic times? Rather than daring shoppers to wear his clothes, Marc is simply trying to show them that they can.

Photos: Courtesy of Marc by Marc Jacobs


Melissa said... made my night!

Sammie said...

Daisy RULES! I agree that their more demure than mj's normal ads, but she's still quirky and sexy. I think it works really well.

Vintage Tea said...

I think the VB ones were funnier because they were both playing a game with us and it was cute. Daisy is hot tho

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