Friday, October 31, 2008

Spooktacular Times

Halloween is absolutely my favourite day of the year at work. Everybody in the office dresses up for our notorious costume contest. Today was no exception. In fact, I'm quite sure that this year's costumes are some of the best ones yet. I work with the greatest group of people. I decided to go as "Snow White" this year. Any excuse to be a brunette for the day, really. Much of the first hour of work was spent running around, laughing, checking out everybody's outfits and taking a zillion photos. Basically, we had a total blast. You can check out more photos of my creative co-workers here.

Tonight, back to my goldilocks and happily out of my costume. I am quite content to be spending a quiet night in by myself with plenty of popcorn and movies on hand. Chances are, I'll be asleep by 9pm. Whatever your plans are today, Happy Halloween!

Touched For The Very First Time

After all the years of waiting, and all the hours spent perfecting my moves and learning all the choreography that she performed during her Drowned World Tour (by dancing along with the dvd in my living room), last night I finally had the opportunity to see Madonna in the flesh when she rolled into Vancouver with her Sticky & Sweet Tour.

The rainy scene outside BC Place Stadium was completely chaotic. Clearly they had too few people scanning tickets for the crowd of somewhere around 50,000 people, and the air-locked doors made the lineups take forever. Once inside, we grabbed an $8 beer and checked out the merch booth. Huge fail. Seriously. When merchandise is cool, I love to buy something- but the $70 shitty t-shirts on display last night were not even tempting.

An hour after the show was scheduled to begin, there was a huge roar when the lights finally went down. Several massive video screens displayed bright animation, as androgynous dancers rose out of the stage. A wall turned around to display the Queen of Pop in a black leotard, sitting on a rhinestone studded throne.

The show, as you can imagine, was quite a production. That's what kept going through my head as I was watching it. When you think of it in those terms, it really was quite a show. Between the lights, screens, sound, elaborate costumes and props- it was definitely a spectacle. The woman is 50 and damn, can she move it. Her tightly choreographed two-hour set was obviously designed to accentuate her physical strength and flexibility. Power yoga does a body good.

I can't say that it was a bad show because it wasn't. She looked hot, she sounded good (for the most part) and I could actually see her from our nosebleed seats. I guess I just feel a bit deflated on account of the fact that the show didn't completely blow me away as I'd imagined it would. I suppose that's what happens when you build something up from the time that you're six years old. It makes it hard for it to measure up, no matter the quality of it. Maybe if I wasn't hating her a little right now for her recent public comments completely slamming her soon to be ex-husband Guy Ritchie, I would have enjoyed the show more. I don't know. I just didn't walk away thinking it was the greatest show I'd ever seen, that's for sure. She didn't even play Material Girl.

In her review published in today's Vancouver Sun, Elaine Corden said:
"If Madonna's astonishing work ethic was evident in every choreographed step, it was admirable but also somehow tragic. The most famous woman in the world seemed very alone onstage, surrounded by accessories but seemingly intimate only with her own drive. It was only a brief moment, observable only to a keen eye, but it resonated."
I couldn't have said it better myself. On my list of things I must do before I die, where it says "see Madonna in concert," I have officially marked "check."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sing A Song For Them

Sunday night in Seattle. Jenny Lewis, live in concert at Showbox at The Market. It was the primary reason that Keira and I made the trip down south, so you can imagine our disappointment when we arrived to buy our tickets, only to find out that the show was basically sold out. The bartender at The Green Room, the bar attached to the venue, told us to come back when they opened. He said that if we hung out there until the venue doors opened, it would be our best shot at scoring some last minute tickets. We did as he said, and nervously sipped a couple of delicious pre-show vodka sodas with our fingers crossed while we waited. It wasn't until the very last minute that one of the doormen came back and presented us with two tickets. We were in!

After purchasing our matching "Godspeed" t-shirts, Keira and I hauled ass straight to the stage to secure a prime location. Jenny began her set with "Happy" and after the first verse, it was immediately clear that while a capable five-piece band accompanied her, Lewis' voice was the most powerful instrument on stage and the star of the show. It was also very evident during "Acid Tongue" when band members stepped away from their instruments and backed Lewis with harmonies while she sang with the spotlight all to herself. The live version of "The Next Messiah" was another highlight of the show. You can check out a little video that I took of it here.

I may have known her as my favourite character in Troop Beverly Hills much longer, but Jenny Lewis has proven herself to be a captivating songwriter and performer. The tiny-framed, big-voiced, adorable Jenny Lewis has certainly blossomed into something of an indie goddess. Her set was a raucous, witty and tender celebration of her music and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Make sure that you check out Keira's entry about the show here as well.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Blondes Go South

Photo: Keira-Anne on Flickr

After a Saturday evening of films, facials and fundue, two blondes hit the road before the crack of dawn on Sunday morning, bound for the border. Keira and I had been planning our trip to Seattle for what seemed like forever, so obviously we were beyond excited when the day of our adventure finally arrived.

We stayed at The Moore Hotel, which to our great delight, is a darling little hotel right downtown. We were given fantastic service by a total sweetheart at the front desk, who encouraged us to opt for one of the suites. It ended up being just so much lovelier than we ever could have imagined.

We spent the day walking around the city, taking photos, and exploring the famous Pike Place Market. It was just what we needed; a weekend away filled with shopping, laughing, eating different (yummy and not so healthy) foods, amazing tunes, sightseeing, perfect vodka sodas, an incredible concert courtesy of Miss Jenny Lewis and (if you can believe it) lots and lots of sunshine!

On our way home today, we made a stop at Alderwood Mall for some of the essentials, including Victoria's Secret and "Hot Dog On A Stick." It may not have yet have been noon, but it certainly wasn't too early for us to get some meat on a stick. Keira raves about their dogs and cherry lemonade, so I was pretty sure that I was in for a treat. I was definitely not disappointed. Let me just say, it was the best damn hot dog that I've ever eaten in my life. We were also treated to complimentary "cheese on a stick" by Anna, the enthusiastic doll working behind the counter. She told us that it would taste just like a grilled cheese sandwich. I thought that she was exaggerating. She wasn't. I can't wait to go back.

The two of us had an absolutely awesome weekend. In fact, we're already planning our next trip (and the "shopping fund" saving starts now!)

Check out Keira's post and more photos from our trip here.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not Clueless Anymore...

I couldn't wait to get home from work last night, mostly because for the first time in a long time, I had absolutely no plans at all. I threw my bags down by the door, slid on my favourite comfy pants and cooked myself a tasty little dinner. I knew that movies and relaxing were all that I had on the agenda for the evening, and that a night like this was more than a little overdue.

Earlier in the week, while perusing my usual celeb and fashion blogs, I came across some photos of a few of my favourite ladies, including Alicia Silverstone, at the opening of Peter Alexander's new Los Angeles boutique. This prompted me to watch two films last night: Clueless and Blast From The Past. It also prompted this little tribute to Ms. Silverstone today. She's an actress, producer, passionate animal welfare and environmental activist, and huge promoter of her vegan lifestyle. She's also a major supporter of Stella McCartney's vegan-friendly line of clothing and accessories. I couldn't admire Alicia more for her strong dedication to what she believes in.

I'm still mourning the demise of Miss Match (which I keep praying will be released on dvd one of these days!) Plus, who could forget those classic Aerosmith vids that she made such an impression doing in the 90s. Truth be told, if there was ever a show on MTV to become Alicia's BFF, I may very well apply.

"I don't feel like a dream girl, but I think it's really nice. I guess a part of me wishes I got that sort of attention in my real life. Because in my real life, I'm this weird, dorky girl who just hangs out with her dogs. " Alicia Silverstone

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Who You Want Me To Be

Nothing there moves.
If I sit still, I can hear everything.
The slow turning of leaves, creaks,
a steady cold breeze, the frost...
all of it.
Nothing there moves.

I don't want to feel guilty.
I don't want to feel like the bad one.
I am not the bad one.

Something is changing,
the direction is.

I had the strangest dream,
steaks and cardigans and flying.

“a wind has blown the rain away and blown the sky away and all the leaves away, and the trees stand. i think, i too, have known autumn too long.”

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Take That!

Photo property of Mark Regimbal

It seems that my friend Regimbal was looking for a black eye yesterday, as he was quite disappointed that I didn't punch him in the face. In fact, he left me a lengthy voice mail message this morning pleading his case, which not only made me laugh out loud, but also made me feel bad for not giving him what he so obviously has coming to him. So since he most definitely deserves it, I'm adding Regimbal to the mix as my "bonus punch" because, I mean honestly, who wouldn't want to punch this guy in the face?