Friday, February 6, 2009

Her Eyes, That's Where Hope Lies

Every woman has at least once in her life been on a quest for her very own perfect mascara. I seem to be able to find one that works for a while and then suddenly, I'm not so impressed anymore. The last one that I fell in lust with was DiorShow. Since that affair ended about two weeks ago, I jumped at the chance to try out something new by L'Oréal. Truth be told, I'm a self professed product junkie who will try anything once, but I'm also extremely loyal to the brands and products that I truly love.

So last week, I received a box of lovely goodies to test out, including L'Oréal's new Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara.

Being that I've tried nearly every mascara under the sun at one point or another, I couldn't wait to see what this stuff was all about.

Here's the deal:

It's a two step process. The tube of mascara is double-ended, with step-one in the white coloured side and step-two in the red coloured side. It's a little shocking to open the tube and realize that the step-one product itself is actually white. The step-two side is your traditional mascara colour.

Step-one is designed to fortify and lengthen your lashes. This "basecoat" contains microfibers and ceramedes which are supposed to extend lashes for a longer, more lush look. Letting the lashes dry for a few minutes before applying step-two is key. I learned this the hard way. Running late this morning (as usual), I rushed the second step and my long, straight lashes clumped up and looked absolutely hideous. I ended up having to completely re-do my eye makeup. (Bonus: No makeup remover needed, it easily washes right off with just warm water!) One more tip: it's important to apply it in a room that's well lit-- because should you try to do it in dim light, it would be very easy to neglect to reach the colour wand to the very tips of your lashes. They become almost invisible once step-one is coating them.

When used correctly (and providing you have time to do both steps right), this product does result in fuller, thicker, sexy lashes.
Overall, I was impressed. My lashes were fuller and longer! Usually it's difficult to find a product that delivers both--so you end up choosing if you want thick lashes or long lashes. With this, you really can have both. Plus, the primer makes it stay put. That means that I can be a happy girl, rather than a confused raccoon wondering why her makeup has given her rings.


Anonymous said...

Thanks SO much for this! Their commercials had me wondering how well it actually worked ... I was getting bored with my mascara, so thanks to you I'm off to give this kind a try! :)

Miss 604 said...

I got my pack last week but I swear it went bad or something - it wasn't liquid at all. I'm being sent another round this week so hopefully I can give it a real review as well!