Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life's A Peach

Meet the fresh-faced (and often foul-mouthed) Peaches Geldof. She may be known as a socialite, but she certainly has more going on than the next party. She's an up-and-coming fashion icon in the UK/broadcaster/journalist. She has been racking up serious 'It Girl' mileage for quite some time, thanks to her dramatic fashion and perpetual "wild child" headlines in the British dailies.

The daughter of musician/humanitarian Bob Geldof (he created Live Aid and Live 8) and the late Paula Yates, it’s no wonder that Peaches always looks like the coolest girl at a concert. She goes from blonde to brunette in the blink of an eye, is always adorned with unique accessories, and has stylish sidekick pals like Daisy Lowe and Lily Allen.

At age 15, she wrote for The Daily Telegraph representing the voice of youth. At 16 she produced and wrote a documentary for Sky One about teenage sex & angst called Inside the Teenage Mind, and in 2006 lived in Morocco with a Muslim teenager to make a documentary for Channel 4 called A Beginner’s Guide to Islam.

Whether she's DJ-ing with Fifi Brown, burning up the dance floor at a Boombox party or rubbing shoulders with the A-list backstage at Glastonbury, Peaches always looks hot. Is it her eternal nonchalance or just a genetic disposition to cool? It's hard to say. When asked about her interest in fashion, Peaches said, "I love the way you can express yourself through your clothes. I’m quite schizophrenic with mine." I love her hippy headbands, cute beanies and high waisted skirts. Her style is an eclectic mix of chain store, vintage and high end. In fact, Peaches herself is the perfect little mix between grungy rocker and Lolita. She always manages to find a nice balance of the two in her outfits. I think she's just delightful.

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Deanna said...

I think she is so unique, no rules, I'm in love.

Melissa said...

She's in my bad books because she hates VB's style. Boo to her.
Miss you though! xo