Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hockey Over Shopping

After all the preparation, planning and anticipation, I always feel a bit deflated once the whole thing has come and gone. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy every second of it.

On Christmas eve, after watching lots of old favourite holiday flicks with my parents (including Home Alone one and two), my brother and I hopped in a cab (a little later than usual, on account of the snow) and headed to Di and Shawn's house for their traditional Christmas eve get together and karaoke extravaganza. I almost missed out this year because we were all terrified of the road conditions out in the valley, but we decided that it just wouldn't feel like Christmas if we didn't get the whole group together. We had to make it happen. Needless to say, I'm glad that we made it out for a few beers, and tons of singing, dancing and holiday cheer.

After a fun-filled Christmas morning at home, and then a delicious turkey dinner with the fam at my aunt and uncle's house, my dad, brother and I got in the car and hit the snowy roads on a mission to get to GM Place for the Canucks vs. Oilers Boxing Day game. We met up with my uncle and two adorable, little cousins on the way. The six of us braved the elements and were lucky enough find ourselves, hotdogs in hands, in our seats, in time for the pre-skate. The boys may not have pulled off a win, Oilers took it 3-2, but the third period was definitely entertaining.

We all had a blast at the game- the only down side was that the drive home was even sketchier than the drive in. Thankfully, my dad got us home safely.

For those of you wondering about the incredible deals that this shopaholic got on Boxing Day...wonder no more. I chose not to brave the crowds at the mall this year. I just didn't feel like I needed anything enough to deal with the snow and the crazy people, no matter how sweet the bargains. I watched the maniacs lined up outside the Coach store downtown on the news yesterday and in all honesty, it made me very happy that I chose not to partake in the madness.

Anybody make any epic Boxing Day purchases yesterday that you'd like to brag about?

This way, I can shop vicariously through you.

One more big family dinner tonight and then I'm heading back to the city tomorrow. I kind of wish that I could stay for another week of relaxing and sleeping in...

I hope that all of you had an absolutely joyful holiday!


Flash said...

You didn't miss much. I followed my wife around for hours, and all she bought was 2 t-shirts. We saw plenty of cases where we knew the prices of items beforehand, and they had been raised and then put on "sale".

I did hit Future Shop in the afternoon and still managed to pick up a door crasher; I bought two 16GB SD cards for $20 each.

Anonymous said...

you're just adorable, really.

Melissa said...

We made our way into the game too! Chad has a 4x4 and he said there were slippery sections, BUT there was no traffic so we ended up being 45 minutes early. Too bad about the score though :(