Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve Eve

Photo: Patchwork Pottery on Flickr

I've pretty much been the worst blogger known to man over the last few weeks. Christmas holidays aren't what they used to be. Apparently things don't slow down for me the same way that they did when I was a kid. I haven't baked a single cookie or wrapped any gifts, nor have I sent out my cards... and it's Christmas eve eve, so I guess I'm screwed. Work has been insane, my social calendar has been full, and I've barely had a second to take a deep breath, let alone write anything worthwhile to post here. It has been the most insane December of my life.

Last Friday night was the company Christmas party. It's always a fun evening, always a gong show, always a fabulous meal at Provence and a chance to get all dolled up. We started pouring the champers early on. Most of the next two days were spent recovering. Shawna was my hangover buddy- we ate pizza, watched movies and slept a lot before a morning walk to Starbucks in the snow.

Sunday was my best friend Eddie's birthday. He's in town visiting from Baltimore so we made our way to Hapa Izakaya on Robson for dinner with friends to celebrate. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with Eddie over the next few days while we both retreat at our parents' houses in the valley. It sounds like there's a good chance we could be snowed in, so that will mean ample opportunity for catching up.

Last night I met up with the lovely Melissa for delicious wine and eats at one of my favourite spots, the Salt Tasting Room. The evening never seems long enough when the two of us get together because we always have endless stories to share and ideas to discuss. She wrote an adorable post about our date here. I can't wait until she moves to the city this spring.

The snow has pretty much been ruining my life for the last few days- preventing me from doing things that I've wanted to do, and adding a certain amount of stress and anxiety to everything that needs to be done, including getting to work in the mornings. Thankfully, Shawna and her sharkfin-mobile came to my rescue. Today, I managed to escape from the city in my own car. I'm home for Christmas, and I'm very excited to be spending the next few days here.


Keira-Anne said...

So jealous that you went to Salt! I haven't been in forever! I can't wait to celebrate the season with you a little more when I'm back - perhaps with less beer and more cocktails next time ;)

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Absolutely! Although, our beer and wings night was pretty fantastic too! :)

Anonymous said...

You all look fierce, but the girl in the turquoise with fishnets is the best - so sexy!

This guy friend of yours in the blazer... have you ever, you know, with him? Because he's kinda hot.

Kat said...

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas Jen!

Sarah said...

That purple dress looks fab on you!