Sunday, December 28, 2008

Operation: Reassemble

The holidays are full of “good cheer” aka a lot of booze. So it might be smart to get your detox in order now so that after you’ve put the holiday treats and leftover turkey down, you can reassemble yourself for the New Year.

Photo: Ren

One thing I’ve noticed is that my face doesn’t bounce back the way it used to when I was younger. After a night out, my eyes look tired and my skin seems to look almost heavy. My plan to combat a face pooped by the party:

  • Ren Multi-Mineral Pore Minimizing Detox Mask, $34 (purchase here or at Sephora)

Ren seems really cool because it’s “pure as it is potent,” meaning it works without any nasty chemicals or synthetics. I tried it out tonight while I relaxed in a hot bath and let me tell you, it is AMAZING. I highly recommend this product.

Photo: Sephora

On Christmas morning, the first thing that caught my eye under the tree was a Sephora bag. It seems that when my mom and dad were down in Seattle last weekend, my mom insisted that a stop be made at my favourite store on the planet, heaven on earth, aka Sephora. What she picked out for me is an amazing set of products from a line that I've never used before.

Bare Escentuals Ruby Collection, $145 value (purchase at Sephora)

Bare Escentuals Ruby Collection is infused with real ruby powder to enhance your beauty with the same authentic, fascinating qualities of the ruby. These 100% pure bareMinerals eye and face colors capture the vitality of ruby gemstones. The warm colour palette of this collection, including brushes and a lip polish, provides you with a daily dose of luxury and a naturally radiant way to express the real you.

So far, rave reviews from yours truly on this simply fabulous set. I'm looking forward to experimenting more with these products. It's a very different colour palette than I'm used to wearing, so I've enjoyed creating some new, glam looks with it. Should I find myself in any kind of social setting for New Years Eve, this set (plus the hot clutch that comes with it) will definitely be an asset.


Melissa said...

I just ordered REN. Definitely need it!

Keira-Anne said...

REN is an amazing product line. Why it's so natural is because it was developed by a husband and wife team in the UK who, after finding out the wife was pregnant, wanted a line of products that she could use that wouldn't be full of chemicals and potentially harmful to the baby. Thus, REN was born and has slowly taken off.

I came into work this morning to find a tub of their Ginger Revivo-Tonic Two Sugar Body Scrub (clicky) on my desk - a belated Christmas gift from a co-worker. I know what I'll be doing tonight!


Anonymous said...

Capture the vitality of ruby gemstones?

Sounds like crystal worshiper shit to me.