Monday, June 23, 2008

"Something from the meatcase, Linda?"

High five to anybody who knows where that quote comes from. I love randomness.

I walked through my front door Friday evening, with a suitcase full of dirty clothes (including a white sun dress covered in red wine) and a heavy backpack of product literature and magazines-my skin glowing from the sun, my head spinning with excitement and ideas. Having been out of town on business all week, I was completely exhausted. Nothing seemed more appealing to me than a weekend at my parents' house where I knew that I could count on some r&r, home cooked meals, cushy laundry facilities and the best company on earth.

On Saturday afternoon, I loaded up my car with laundry bags and headed out to the burbs. I spent the weekend eating at home, drinking good wine and watching movies with the family; among them The Other Boleyn Girl and Once plus three quarters of Spiderman 3 with my dad because it was on tv Sunday afternoon. I did loads of laundry, slept in, and finally allowed myself to relax. Though enjoyable, this past week was very go-go-go.

I arrived back in the city last night feeling refreshed, recharged and ready, with a ton of clean clothes in tow. Except, I had nowhere to put them because my closet was a disaster. Seriously. It was complete and utter chaos: messy and disorganized. I have way too much stuff, despite my fairly regular efforts to purge my belongings. So I sorted through the piles of clothes, shoes, magazines, and handbags. I even found some things I'd forgotten about because they'd been buried for so long. The result is an organized walk-in, with a rolling rack that I can see again and a big bag full of stuff that I will drop off at UGM this week.

Yes, I just wrote a whole paragraph about organizing my closet...and you just read it. Or if you're lucky, maybe you just skimmed. Either way, clearly I don't have much of anything to report tonight. It's Monday. A quiet night in...reading, writing, watching and listening...I like this night.

Coming up this week: Matt's show avec band at The Orpheum Theatre on Thursday. Duane is organizing a pre-show meet up at The Kingston Taphouse for those of you down for beer and appy's before the concert. FYI Ciavarro, you don't need a ticket to partake in pre-show blogger boozing.


Christine said...

I need to organize my closet's so hard to keep up on it. Donating to UGM is a really good idea.

Melissa said...

Is it weird that organizing my closet gets me off?

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Perhaps, Mel...but it does the same for me, hehe.

Phaedra said...

I organized my closet last night, and got a bag full of stuff to donate.

I will be at the Meet and Greet on Thursday, so I'll see you there Jennifer!

Ciavarro said...


I'm tempted. But it sort of sucks to not attend the concert after drinking a Guinness or two.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Very true...sounds like a few peeps at have extra tickets,'s not too late, my friend!

Anonymous said...

No worries - I have written entire posts about cleaning out my closet. Your life sounds great, but don't give up on the spontaneous, camp outside the venue side of you just yet!

- J @