Saturday, June 21, 2008

Royal Style

Photo: Pool Party

I have been interested in the Royal Family for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I was so intrigued and taken by the glamourous yet seemingly down to earth Princess Diana, that I would dress up as her and play for hours. My grandma, always a good sport, would pretend right along with me, and hand me bouquets of flowers as I walked through an imaginary crowd, giving my best princess wave and smile.

Now, it looks as though the late Diana's son, Prince William may have introduced a new stylish lady into the family.

As Wills’ leading lady, 26 year old Kate Middleton is at the top when it comes to paparazzi prey. She has certainly attracted significant press coverage with continuous comparisons to Princess Diana; and the fashion savvy of us have been taking note of her smooth, chic and sophisticated look. Always looking incredibly elegant and well put together, I completely admire Kate’s ability to look cool and collected under pressure, and you know there is a lot of pressure on the girl.

Miss Middleton is increasingly marking out her fashion territory. She appears modest and beautiful. There is a breezy unpretentiousness about how she looks and what she wears. Smart, sporty and blessedly normal, Kate Middleton may be the first girl next door to become Queen.

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zona said...

white pants. can't say enough about chicks in white pants. yep, she's the complete package. grace, looks, class.

that family has always been somewhat dysfunctional though. Diana improved it dramatically.

Keira-Anne said...

I concur - wholeheartedly. Not with Dan, but with you, Jen. One request of you: please don't ever feature Rhianna. I've really been noticing the monstrosities of her wardrobe lately and I think she's trying far too hard. There is such thing as dressing superfluously.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

No worries there, my dear...I'm not a fan of Rhianna's style at all and agree with you completely on that one.

Raul said...

I am infatuated with William. There, I said it.

Jennie said...

I really love her style and sensiblity too.

Kate said...

Well, she definitely has style, that's for sure.

Barbara Doduk said...

I love that sliver dress with the yellow... I want I want.

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