Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Distance never separates hearts that love

“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what is made by the friends whom we choose.” -Tehyi Hsieh

Once upon a time, there lived five smart, beautiful women who were all the best of friends. Despite how diverse these women were, they connected like you wouldn't believe and had more fun together than you could ever imagine.

In two days, one part of the fivesome will depart for Australia with her husband, where they will live for two years. All the other ladies, though excited for their friend's new adventure, know that they will miss her smiling face like crazy.

On Thursday, Liane and Colin will board a plane to a whole new life. I'm quite sure that the reality of them being gone for such a significant period of time hasn't quite hit me yet, and probably won't until I see her tonight, for the last time before she leaves. I couldn't sleep at all last night. I rolled around uncomfortably on my stiff from pilates abs, tossing and turning until the sun rose and lit my apartment this morning.

Tonight kind of feels like the season finale of Sex and The City or something. We're having a "Farewell" dinner, which is bound to be wrought with emotion, quite likely even more so that at Liane and Colin's wedding last April.

Liane is quite honestly one of the kindest souls that I have ever known. She'd not speak a hurtful word of anyone and would go to the moon and back for her friends in a heartbeat. Not to mention, she's completely down to earth and a total babe. She will, without any doubt, leave an irreplaceable hole in the group while she's away.

So on the brink of this new phase in life, a (temporary) "end of an era" so to speak, I want to wish the happy couple all the best abroad. We can't wait to hear their stories from Down Under and the rest of us will be here, with open arms when they get back.


Arielle said...

That's really sweet.

Melissa and Chris said...

It must be so difficult for you! I'm excited for their adventure...I'm sure it's MUCH more fabulous than moving to S'toon ;-)

Are you planning any visits? I believe Rich is in a year and a half...

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Plans for a trip to visit while they're over there are definitely in the works...:)

Scotty said...

Welcome to Australia, Liane and Colin; I think you'll find much to like here.

All the best on that big move.