Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday afternoon ramblings...

This past weekend was one with perfect amounts of fun and silence, and I suppose it wouldn't have been complete without some drama thrown in...for good measure (?) For an articulate and detailed description of last night's drama, click here. We had to laugh or we'd have cried. We were just happy to be in it together (and ok, a crowbar may have come in handy...)

Photo: Keira-Anne on Flickr

Being that it's Monday, and my head is full of thoughts, I'm about to unleash a very stream of consciousness post on you. Try to follow me.

I've always aimed to surround myself with amazing souls, I suppose we all do. It continues to floor me how many genuine, kind and sparkly, bright lights I have around me, and am lucky enough to continue to find. I am so blessed.

People are all very diverse and unique; in fact, no two are exactly alike. We all have different emotions, thoughts, perspectives and ways of dealing with things. We compliment and balance one another in various ways. We go through life making connections, bonding, inspiring, being inspired, loving and being loved. Sometimes we think that we know what we want when in fact, it ends up not being what we want, or need, at all. Sometimes something feels good for a while, and then it doesn't anymore. Friendships and relationships can grow, evolve and change into something entirely different. These are all the experiences that make our lives rich and textured. Over the last little while, I've learned that it's really important not to lose sight of the big picture. As I've said before, I've always been somebody who has let her emotions cloud her judgement. For the first time really, I'm seeing the world, and my life, with a new found clarity. And that's not to say that I'm not still an emotional person. When something is on my mind, there may very well be waterworks... the important difference, is that I'm discovering how to make the best choices for myself, despite the emotional stuff. Maybe it doesn't have to be so complicated.
I think that as we go through life, we really begin to figure out how important self awareness is. We can't live without dreams. We are spiritual people. It's really what feeds us. We're creative human beings. We create arts, we move and change people. We should be thoughtful. We live our lives in front of each other, so all we can do is be honest, I think. We're all just doing our best, you know, and as long as we're working towards something, we're going to make mistakes but that's alright.


Keira-Anne said...

I loved this post a great deal. You touched down on some very real things that are happening and moving around all of us.

Raul said...


It was SO awesome to meet you in person! You're absolutely just like I imagined = an amazing human being! YOWZA!

Looking forward to more shared good times!

JB said...

Awesome post. You mentioned some really key things. I think you are bang on about self awareness. When we're young, we can be self absorbed- as we get older, we learn how to look inside more. Pretty ladies in that picture too! :)