Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Friday!

I feel like I've been quite the whiny, little Negative Nelly over the last couple of weeks. So today, I'm going to pull a Meg and shout out some love with my very own Friday love list.

Looking on the bright side (it's been a while, I know...) here's what I love right now:

  • that I get to fly home to my own cozy apartment tomorrow
  • my growing OZ dvd collection (and the awesome chica who got me hooked!)
  • giant cups of green tea
  • perfect ballet flats
  • the fact that this hotel has a snack bar that's open 24/7 with a full fridge of beverages and a neverending supply of Snickers
  • Le Rev
  • good hair days
  • that I still have a sense of humour after a couple of the most stressful weeks of my life
  • that I have the most amazing co-worker to travel with who somehow makes the hardest parts seem easier to handle (and manages to keep me laughing through it all)
  • Habs playoff hockey
  • comfy hoodies
  • big hugs
  • Advil liqui-gels
  • this new Gap ad featuring the divine Ms. Hepburn: (courtesy of YouTube)


PatZ said...

comfy hoodies are pretty much an essential part of life.

Angela said...

Since you love green tea, if you can find it, you should REALLY try Bewleys Apricot Blossom green tea. It's my new favorite, and I'm a black tea kind of gal.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Thanks Angela! I'll have to try and find that! Sounds very yummy!