Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pretty Things

Photo: Sass A Frass

Yesterday I mentioned, once again, a band that I've been loving since the first listen: Le Rev. The front woman for this band is also the blogger behind Sass A Frass and the face of the new Quiksilver Women's line. C.C. Sheffield is my latest girl crush and fashion muse. She's both carefree and totally put together. I adore her willingness to experiment with her style. Punk, hippy, classic, tomboy; she can pull off any style without even trying. Plus, she's got love for my boy Rob Dyrdek.

I was initially exposed to Le Rev because one of their songs is featured in the Quik Women's vibe video. I loved the song Je t'aime immediately and was determined to track down more tunes by this Los Angeles band. C.C. Sheffield can downshift from whisper to scream in a drumbeat, alternately channeling personas as varied as a French chanteuse, larger-than-life diva and little girl lost to belt out emotionally-charged stories. Le Rev is the creation of Sheffield and guitarist Nico Chiotellis, who wrote all the songs together and created an incredible and unique sound.

If you haven't checked out the blog and sound of this young lady, may I please suggest that you do.

Photos: csheffield52 on Flickr and Le Rev on Myspace

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Anonymous said...

She seems like the kind of cool that makes me jealous and want to hate her rather than love her. :/ Which of course is a huge compliment.

- J @