Thursday, April 24, 2008

Not the best week of my life...

Life on the road has been less than fabulous this time around. I'll be honest...we've been punched in the face with a whole lot of bad luck on this trip. The worst of which, found me huddled beside the toilet for most of yesterday. What I thought was a touch of the flu, turned out to be a gut wrenching case of food poisoning. I was literally vomiting between showings. It was awful. To be honest, it was the most horrible that I can ever remember feeling in my entire life. There's not much worse than being sick like that when you're away from home, either. I was writhing around on the bed in my hotel room for hours in pain. Not fun. Thankfully, it seems to have passed through my system now. Despite feeling weak and tired, the worst of it seems to be over. Only two more days to go until I get to go home to my own, comfy bed.

Having the opportunity to lay around last night, I finally got the chance to watch a movie that the lovely Shando has been on my case to see for eons. What better to do when you're ailing than watch a no brainer flick? She kindly lent me her copy of 'Because I Said So'. She warned me that Diane Keaton would be pretty irritating and that although it's a rather cheesy romantic comedy, Mandy Moore plus her hair and wardrobe in the film would be cute enough to make up for it. I have to agree.

I have long loved Mandy Moore and this movie made me smile, even on the grumpiest and ickiest of days; so that's saying something. In addition to the beautiful clothes, the set designs were also fantastic. Mandy Moore's character in particular, lives in a gorgeously decorated loft. She has a rich velvet couch and warm coloured walls, lamp shades, lanterns, carpets and furniture. She also has the most amazing set of open-concept kitchen shelves I've ever seen! I must admit, I feel inspired to redecorate my apartment, curl my hair, put on a dress and do some baking after watching this movie.
Photos: Universal


Alex said...

mandy moore is such a doll! i agree, diane keaton's annoying but the flick's still worth a watch!

Tawcan said...

Getting sick away from home is never fun. At least you're in a hotel room and not in the backcountry.

Glad to hear that you're feeling better.

Keira-Anne said...

Between Mandy Moore and Natalie Portman, I'm not sure who I have the bigger girl crush on.

Anonymous said...

I *rarely* disagree in anything with you and Keira-Anne, but I can't stand Mandy Moore. Although I love her music, I find her... annoying. But I hated Diane Keaton even more. The only reason why I liked this movie is because I got to vicariously date her two boys in the movie. Otherwise I chalked this movie to my lack of judgment. But I can see how the movie could be appealing (nice apartment, great clothes, etc.)... and some eye candy - Gabriel Macht and Tom Everett Scott.

Have a sunny and wonderful weekend!


Jennifer Stoddart said...

You're right about the eye candy, Raul! That's another definite plus that I didn't mention.

Hope you have a sunny and wonderful weekend too! :)