Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Is it really only Wednesday?

I've been go, go, go! Weekends, weekdays, they're all work days for me lately. Tonight, it has caught up with me and my body is aching. I'm tired on absolutely every level. But I'm smiling. This job is a journey and not a destination, I do realize that. I'm putting it out there and taking it all in. I'm learning and loving every minute of it.

It has been a week of eating out with clients and colleagues. I've done some fine dining, that's for sure. Tonight, I wanted to cook something healthy for myself and eat at home. I finally turned the key in my apartment door at about 7:30pm, after a quick stop at Capers. I needed to replenish my lame grocery supply, plus I'm addicted to the yogurt covered malt balls from their bulk section and needed to stock up. It's all Shawna's fault.

I've been watching The Science of Sleep, to learn about humble rejection, platonic love, and waiting.

I've been reading a book called Blink,
to observe my own snap decisions
and first impressions.

I've been listening to Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald.
Just because I love it.

And I'm wishing on stars.


Tashina said...

It sounds like all this work is really going to pay off for you in the end though. :) Honestly, it sounds amazing to me! You're so lucky to have found a career that you are enjoying.

Anonymous said...

You=grown up!

Jennifer Stoddart said...

It's true's all for the best and I guess this is what growing up is all about!