Monday, February 4, 2008

Dirty girls

It's Fashion Week once again and I've been so busy with work that I haven't even had a chance to post anything about it. So, I've decided to highlight a designer who, in my opinion, has his finger on the proverbial downtown pulse. Did I mention that he's only 24 years old? Enter Alexander Wang.

This man knows how put a fresh spin on old school favourites. Known for creating separates that suit the layered look of today’s ever-expanding ingĂ©nue pool, the designer offers plenty of daintily masculine separates and tough-girl clothes for fall. Dark vests of varying lengths, boucle knits, and boxy tweedish jackets were made available in a palette of graphite, beige, and rich, inky black. Edgy biker jackets and leather pants were streamlined into clean silhouettes, left retaining only a whiff of their rebellious origins. Also, grunge-era staples like rolled tees, ripped tights, and sock hats seemed refined when paired with fur clutches and cashmere knits, all of which played well to the crowd.

Always inventive, Wang had bags of dirt brought in to cover the concrete floors at his Fall 08 show last night. Every model left a haze of dirt around her on the catwalk, making for an effect of, um, I don't know, but it was kind of cool.

Wang's collection continued the season's theme of androgynous dressing (see his grandfather sweaters, trousers and vests for evidence). There were also plenty of high-waisted, wide-leg pants, which I'm loving for fall.

I think it's quite possible that my adoration for this collection is drawn from the fact that many of these pieces are in line with the kinds of pieces that I myself have been wearing lately. Perhaps it's the fact that although these are runway looks, they seem slightly inspired by the segment of the industry in which I work, the skate/snow side of things. Either way, I'm obsessed with his Fall 08 looks, which are just edgy enough to set one apart but simple enough to actually wear in real life. I'm a serious fan.

Photos: Coutorture


G. said...

i can totally see you loving this look. those slouchy toques are so your look lately. hahaha. in all seriousness though, fab pieces. i think wang has come a long way since last fall. no?

Anonymous said...

I love these looks, but I almost like your descriptions better than the photos! Here in Oregon we have tons of skateparks, an ocean and also mountains for snowboarding... Lots of weather to bundle up for and it's nice to have edgy, sexy clothes you can actually wear here. I too have the need to 'harden' my look to make it wearable in my actual life.

Great post! Introduced me to a new designer, and inspired me at the same time.<3

PatZ said...

that brown one is pretty cool.
the bottom one kind of reminds me of those creepy little marionette dolls that scare little kids though...