Thursday, February 7, 2008

I wish I could carry your smile and my heart

With all the recent New York Fashion Week media coverage, I was reminded of another favourite fashionista of mine. Chloë Sevigny has been all over New York at fashion events, looking fabulous. My favourite Big Love actress and girl to watch on the red carpet, Chloë always gets people talking about what she has on.

An actress who chooses roles as interesting as her clothes, Chloë is one fine looking woman with the ability to pull off looks that most of us wouldn't dare.

Photograph by Pasha Antonov, via

Not to mention, her capsule collection for the New York boutique Opening Ceremony looks to be the start of a very successful celebrity line. The photos above feature pieces from her collection. Chloë is one indie icon that deserves respect. Her impeccable style and dedication to the scenesters makes her collection so much more desirable. It's photo tribute time again. If you ask me, Chloë’s been making clothes, influencing style and embodying the fashion forward concept for longer than she has been getting recognized for it. The line will officially launch in February 2008. Click over here to view a video about Chloë's inspirations and how the idea for the line was conceived. Also click here for a fabulous style Q&A with her.
When asked in an interview for Black Book Magazine, Sevigny explains that style has been important to her for her whole life, "from kindergarten on I wouldn’t let my mother dress me. I had very specific tastes, and refused to put on anything she wanted me to wear. I was really into clothes, often kind of outrageous, not quite typical kid-wear, like hats and things."
Love Chloë! Two thumbs up on her style and her clothing line!

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Smelly Danielly said...

My bosses daughter is going to FIT and the last time she was down there with her this neighbourhood was having a little 'garage sale' and he daughter actually bought one of Chloes dresses FROM HER for 15 bucks! She was there at a table selling off a bunch of her clothes. Coolest thing ever!

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Oh my God!! Seriously, that is the coolest thing ever!!

Tashina said...

Love her! This is seriously bizarre though because, just yesterday, I was thinking of making a post about her style! You and I are so on the same page. :)

J said...

Sometimes she looks great and sometimes she just looks like she grabbed the first thing she saw at Goodwill. Still, I give her props for not dressing or acting like everyone else in Hollywood.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Great minds think alike, Tashina! :)

hannah said...

i adore her!