Friday, February 29, 2008

I need somebody to walk on my back...

Some annoying person in my building has been on a new schedule this week. FYI, getting up at 5am and banging around like crazy in your apartment for an hour before my alarm goes off is NOT COOL. As I tossed and turned for that hour, I was in extreme discomfort, as my entire upper back is in knots. I can barely move. I guess it's stress? God, stress affects me a million ways. I hit up a yoga class after work today because I felt like I needed to release some of the tension and stretch it out right now. In truth, what I need, is somebody to walk on my back. Seriously. That said, I could not be more excited that it's Friday! It's been a stressful week, but I'm learning not to be so hard on myself. Even superstars can take a night off here and there, right? I'm looking forward to my Granville Island running circuit with Shawna tomorrow's our new Saturday tradition. We're in training for the Sun Run, coming up in April.
Plus, it will help us to work off those yam fries we noshed on during Top Model on Wednesday; which, by the way I'm not even going to do a full post on this week because it was such a bore. Kimberly leaving just proved how lame it is that she was ever even on the show to begin with. I'm still supporting Team Claire...hoping that next week's makeover show can keep me entertained (not to mention inspired to write about it).

Photo: popbytes

One of my favourite babes, Gwen Stefani, will be gracing the cover of V Magazine next month. This magazine is quickly becoming one of my must reads (and y'all know what an obsession I have with the glossy things). Interesting articles about art, fashion and music seem like a given but I'm finding it's more of a rarity than one would think in this new age of trashy tabloid mags full of invasive paparazzi photos, advertising and containing no articles worth mentioning. V magazine probably knows that it shouldn't take too much effort to entertain the likes of their 20-something superficial hipster demographic as long as the visuals seem stylish and modern, but they put in the extra effort anyway. I will tell you right now that this magazine is worth a glimpse. This issue in particular contains far more than photos of pretty girls in pretty clothes. Definite creative and artistic flair across the board here, folks. I love. To see the full photo spread with Miss Stefani, check out

Photo: Smelly Danielly on Flickr

Another babe who I would like to highlight today is a long time favourite Vancouver blogger of mine. Smelly Danielly has been writing online since back in 2005. This girl is as funny as she is cute, not to mention sweet as can be. If she's not already on your reading list, stop by once and I guarantee that you'll keep going back. A fellow fashionista, she writes with passion about life, work and her thoughts and feelings. Her anecdotes are at once hilarious and brilliant plus her page is always covered in new photos. I would go for crepes, coffee and good conversation with this girl anytime.


PatZ said...

that brings up the question as to whether small feet or big feet on the back would be better. Because big feet would have better coverage, but smaller ones would have more mobility and better placement.

Phaedra said...

I hope you got a better sleep last night Jeniifer, and enjoy your run today!

Anonymous said...

Hmm those pics of Gwen were different from the norm, but I've just gotten bored with her. Sad, because she used to cover the walls of my room.

- J @

Raul said...

My upstairs neighbours are also nasty and they don't have any respect for our sleep patterns. I will be SO happy when they move!