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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Love Marie Claire?

In honour of the finale of the Style Network show Running In Heels , Shop It To Me is giving away FREE subscriptions of Marie Claire to lucky fashion blog readers like you. To win, click over to the Shop It To Me Blog and leave a comment with what you consider to be the greatest office fashion faux-pas. The five best will be given a FREE subscription. Winners will be chosen on May 1st.

Make sure that you check out Shop It To Me, too! As a Shop It To Me Trendsetter, I'm proud to support this site that promotes savvy shopping. After you join Shop It To Me, you'll receive daily or weekly "Salemail" customized with your favourite brands and sizes on sale. You'll never miss out on a discounted Marc Jacobs bag or Alexander Wang dress again.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Très Très Chic

It’s telling when a magazine editor becomes a more precise barometer of fashion than the catwalk collections. Then again, she's not just any magazine editor. As Editor of French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld creates a magazine that is edgy and seductive. The same could be said for her personal style. Carine has immaculate taste, and she is beyond unconventional in her thinking. She's a skinny fiftysomething with smoky eyes and sharp heels. Her straight hair is parted in the middle and hangs in her face. She is influential almost without knowing it. By choosing influence over power, Carine has an effortless credibility. Her definition of fashion is clearly hedonistic, embracing fashion's immediacy but with a broad cultural vision that puts everything in perspective. She has always been fully committed to fashion and also gracious to all (which seems to be rare in her business).

CNN recently released a documentary capturing her influence and importance to the global fashion scene called "Carine Roitfeld Revealed." You can check it out here.

(Merci Mark)
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Friday, January 30, 2009

So This Is Fat, Is It?

Photo: The Superficial

All this bullshit splattered across the tabloids and gossip sites over the last week with regards to Jessica Simpson's weight is exactly what makes it so damn hard for us. How the hell am I supposed to feel hot when this babe is being called fat? I happen to think she's absolutely gorgeous- no matter what size she is at the moment. Forgive a girl for choosing an unflattering outfit, please.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Today as I was busting my ass on the elliptical machine at the gym, trying to avoid the guilt I felt for sneaking a cookie after dinner last night...I started thinking. I was looking around at all the other girls working out in that gym; staring into the mirrors, their reflections looking back at them. Were the same feelings of inadequacy going through each of those girls heads? Why do we do this to ourselves? Why don't we ever feel like we're good enough?

In the moral order of our media driven society, the definition of what constitutes beauty, or even an acceptable body, seems to become more inaccessible all the time. We live in a universe where you could bounce a quarter off the well toned abs of any celebrity, and magazines are filled with airbrushed photographs of emaciated models with breast implants. We are constantly bombarded with images of Nicole Richie and The Olsen's among other twenty somethings who look like they need feeding tubes. How is any normal girl supposed to feel attractive or desirable when these ladies set the bar?

The pursuit of beauty has become an obsession for so many. It is an obsession that gnaws at the insecurities of most women; even those who are, by any objective opinion, drop dead gorgeous. Nobody wants to acknowledge that in our sophisticated decade, something as superficial as beauty can propel one person forward and hold another back. Society needs a revolution in its values. Beauty needs to be defined with much broader parameters. We need to avoid being trapped into the suffocating vanity that cuts off oxygen to the brains of so many girls (myself included!)

Beauty is nothing we can ever hold onto, yet we've panted after it through the ages, eager to drink it in and swallow it down in huge, hungry gulps- like the very breath of air itself. I've realized that if I have to sacrifice having fun and doing things that I enjoy in life to look a certain way, the choice is clear. Living fully and being happy is what life is for. Perfection is an illusion.
And in my experience, many of those who appear perfect to the outside world are merely camouflaging a plethora of imperfections on the inside.

I've come to the conclusion that you've got to have a healthy relationship with your body if you want to be happy with it. This has been an ongoing struggle for me. I wish I could say that I love and accept myself as I am, but the truth is, I have spent much of my life worrying about how I look and feeling insecure about my body.

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and the grass is always greener on the other side-two cliches that, like most cliches, happen to to be true. We are all different, and we all wish we had something other than what we have. What we women need to do, instead of worrying about what we don't have, is just love what we do have. Get to know your body. Love it, respect it, treat it right.

Because really...doesn't the world have more important issues to focus on?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sweet December

Photo: Just Jared

One more thing to look forward to next month- the lovely Jennifer Aniston will grace the cover of Vogue magazine's December 2008 issue looking beachy, bronzed and beautiful. I can't wait to read the article and check out the rest of the photo shoot.

Friday, February 29, 2008

I need somebody to walk on my back...

Some annoying person in my building has been on a new schedule this week. FYI, getting up at 5am and banging around like crazy in your apartment for an hour before my alarm goes off is NOT COOL. As I tossed and turned for that hour, I was in extreme discomfort, as my entire upper back is in knots. I can barely move. I guess it's stress? God, stress affects me a million ways. I hit up a yoga class after work today because I felt like I needed to release some of the tension and stretch it out right now. In truth, what I need, is somebody to walk on my back. Seriously. That said, I could not be more excited that it's Friday! It's been a stressful week, but I'm learning not to be so hard on myself. Even superstars can take a night off here and there, right? I'm looking forward to my Granville Island running circuit with Shawna tomorrow's our new Saturday tradition. We're in training for the Sun Run, coming up in April.
Plus, it will help us to work off those yam fries we noshed on during Top Model on Wednesday; which, by the way I'm not even going to do a full post on this week because it was such a bore. Kimberly leaving just proved how lame it is that she was ever even on the show to begin with. I'm still supporting Team Claire...hoping that next week's makeover show can keep me entertained (not to mention inspired to write about it).

Photo: popbytes

One of my favourite babes, Gwen Stefani, will be gracing the cover of V Magazine next month. This magazine is quickly becoming one of my must reads (and y'all know what an obsession I have with the glossy things). Interesting articles about art, fashion and music seem like a given but I'm finding it's more of a rarity than one would think in this new age of trashy tabloid mags full of invasive paparazzi photos, advertising and containing no articles worth mentioning. V magazine probably knows that it shouldn't take too much effort to entertain the likes of their 20-something superficial hipster demographic as long as the visuals seem stylish and modern, but they put in the extra effort anyway. I will tell you right now that this magazine is worth a glimpse. This issue in particular contains far more than photos of pretty girls in pretty clothes. Definite creative and artistic flair across the board here, folks. I love. To see the full photo spread with Miss Stefani, check out

Photo: Smelly Danielly on Flickr

Another babe who I would like to highlight today is a long time favourite Vancouver blogger of mine. Smelly Danielly has been writing online since back in 2005. This girl is as funny as she is cute, not to mention sweet as can be. If she's not already on your reading list, stop by once and I guarantee that you'll keep going back. A fellow fashionista, she writes with passion about life, work and her thoughts and feelings. Her anecdotes are at once hilarious and brilliant plus her page is always covered in new photos. I would go for crepes, coffee and good conversation with this girl anytime.