Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sometimes I'm in the mood

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At the end of a long and busy week, I just wanted to relax and not think about any of the things that could potentially stress me out tonight. So Cindy B. and I hit up Kimono Japanese Restaurant for some quick eats before heading down the street to the Granville Cinema to catch a showing of I'm Not There.
Being that I'm a huge fan of Bob Dylan, I had been dying to see this movie.
I loved it. Cate Blanchett is a genius. The movie itself is a masterpiece of complexity.
Nothing I can say about this film will really be able to capture the true brilliance of it.
All that I will say is go and see it. Here is a little preview courtesy of YouTube :


Tawcan said...

Kimono is pretty yummy. Sometimes it's hard to find a spot in there though.

Dave said...

This movie was unreal. You're right Cate Blanchett gave a phenomenal performance. Dylan is a genius.

Krista said...

Looks really good, I will hold out for the DVD to come out cause I know nothing good will be showing in my area for a while. :(

Anonymous said...

That movie looks great. I really like seeing artsy, edgier movies if I'm going to spend 10 bucks on a ticket, but the boyfriend usually prefers to see comedies, which I would rather rent. I bet he would like this one though. I would see it just for Christian Bale, whom I recently fell in love with. I used to think he was ugly (Can you imagine?!) but last night I watched The Prestige (so so so so so good) for the third time.

Anonymous said...

we are both pretty excited to see it. i saw him live back in the late 90's with van morrison and joni mitchell.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

dylan, van morrison AND joni mitchell?? that's the most unreal lineup ever!!