Sunday, January 20, 2008

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes

At a time when so many Hollywood babes are looking pretty Trailer Trasherella, I want to highlight one of my favourite ladies in the biz. On the plane yesterday, I flipped through a pile of gossip rags. I was struck by how lame so many celeb's personal style is these days. One woman stood out to me, who is easily a runner up on my "style idols" list. Kate Hudson is fresh, cute and wears just the right mix of seventies vintage and classic sophistication. She's a hippie with a heart of gold. She rocked the cover of this month's Vogue magazine. Kate inspired me to buy my first pair of Ugg boots six years ago. Over the years, she has continued to be someone whose style I admire. When asked if she has a stylist, Kate responded, "I have a really close girlfriend who helps me out. It's more like a partnership because I love clothes. I'm not interested in people telling me what to wear. I'll wear what I want, when I want." Whose style would she most like to emulate? "Kate Moss and I have one thing in common. I think we are both the kind of people who wear what's on the floor (laughs). We just hop out of bed, put on a bunch of stuff, leave the house and don't think about it. I guess that's considered boho."
Whether she’s on set in a t-shirt, jeans and Ugg boots, or walking up the red carpet in a designer dress, Kate always looks fantastic. There's something about the way she wears clothes that makes women's eyes snap open. Most women put their clothes on and look at themselves with varying degrees of doubt: Is this OK? Will this do? Hudson has no doubt, only desire, and it's feverishly catching.

Photos courtesy of Just Jared and Popsugar


Tashina said...

I agree. She has super cute style and I love that she isn't a trendwhore!

J said...

Very true... she definitely owns her look. I think a lot of women - celebrities and ones I meet in real life - make that mistake of letting the clothes wear them.