Friday, January 25, 2008

Blast from the past

I will be the first to admit that my job has been consuming my life as of late. So much in fact, that for the last week, I have had dreams about it or the people I work with every single night. I'm not complaining (it's far too early in the game for that...) but I need everyone to understand that the hours I've been putting in leave little time for much else. I decided last night that I needed to delve back into some reading before bed time, to clear my head of thoughts about work and hopefully allow myself to sleep peacefully once again.

I picked up a book that I have read before, and loved...there are only a select few books that I will re-read over and over again. This is one of them.

My blog is not the only thing that I have been neglecting these days; but I have been feeling guilty about the lack of updates (and certainly appreciate the traffic flow despite my neglect.)

So due to the fact that I still don't have time to update with new content, and because my creative juices are too tired to flow freely right now, I am resurrecting the old review that I wrote back in 2005 about the book that I have picked up to read once again. The book is a winner. Here were my thoughts about it at the time:

Photo: Jamie Boud
After reading rave reviews of the book Envy The Rain by Jamie Boud, I clicked the link to "preview" it. Within seconds, I was drawn into the story. I was so taken by the main character. I wanted to keep reading but it was only a "preview." Then I was desperate to read the whole book right away. Immediately, I ordered it online and was tortured for days, waiting for it to arrive in the mail. When it finally came, I devoured it instantly. I read the entire book from beginning to end and literally could not put it down. It is a story full of real, raw human emotion, much of which I could relate to all too well. It's a story of heartbreak, about the struggle to open new doors and the pain of being forced to close old ones. The main character, Drew is captivating. I love him. I am so fascinated by deep and complex characters. Jamie's book is rich with an interesting and unique cast of characters. This story of lost love and lost innocence is so elegantly written. The emotions are so real that you feel like you're going through every moment with him. Thanks for the amazing read, Jamie!
Coming to the end of the book tonight, was bittersweet... I've enjoyed getting to know the characters so much that it is difficult to say goodbye.
Check out Jamie Boud's site The Known Universe and his book Envy The Rain--both are definite must-reads. Jamie Boud is one cool guy.


Christine said...

sounds like a good read! i love good book recommendations!

Jamie said...

Hey Jennifer, Thanks for the nice words. I'm glad you got your money's worth and were able to read it again. I'm not sure I ever saw your review the first time around, but either way it was nice to read. Thanks again.