Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Standing still, dressed to kill, holding a glass of champagne

Photo courtesy of xrrr on Flickr

It seems like every time I turn around this week, somebody is asking me the dreaded question, "what are you doing for New Years?" I've never really gotten all the hype about New Years Eve. People seem to create these unrealistic expectations that no event could ever live up to and they think that it's going to be the best night of their lives. Maybe it will. Never has been for me. I've realized over the years that suspending these "expectations" allows you to be pleasantly surprised...or not. But at least you'll avoid disappointment by limiting the height of the pedestal you place the night on. In my personal experience, New Years has often turned into a drunken emotional fest of sorts. There's usually some kind of drama, or conflict, somebody who gets too drunk to remember anything she did or somebody who passes out in a booth. Last year I was up in Whistler. We went to a casual house party with my friend who lives up there and ended up having a fantastic time despite the fact that I was sick and had lost my voice completely. Since there were copious amounts of alcohol involved, I vaguely remember that there may have been some tears at a certain point. However, the fact that we spent all of New Years day snowboarding in fresh pow more than made up for anything that I may have been crying about the night before. This year, I have no plans yet. I am hoping to avoid disappointment by again ceasing all expectations. Being spontaneous is a good thing. It's one of my resolutions, in fact. I suppose I do still have one little hope for the evening. I'd be a liar if I said that I wasn't crossing my fingers for a kiss at the stroke of twelve. This year has been one full of challenges and accomplishments, I have met some amazing new people and started some fantastic new if nothing else, I have a great deal to celebrate. Plus, something about the clean slate of a new calendar year is always exciting.
What are your plans for the big night? Thoughts on the holiday? How will you be ringing in 2008?


PatZ said...

new years is synonymous with sitting on a couch in the basement wondering what to do and watching fireworks on tv.

i have to agree with the whole 'let's make this the hugest party ever" thing. never works, and it always sucks.

im just going to chill out at my buddies place at UniverCity, chill out, play some cranium, and hopefully convince the lot of them that the best place to cheers new years is on top of one of the buildings on campus. nothing says happy new year like a view of all of vancouver from the top of a mountain.

Kristy said...

I am planning on being in Van with all my new friends!!!

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Yay! You're going to have so much fun in Van, Kristy! :)

Melissa and Chris said...

A few years ago, Chris and I started going out to a nice, late dinner with a few of our closest friends. We get dressed up, drink lots, eat some really fantastic food and then, the next morning, swear we won't drink as much next time....(p.s. if you're around, come to Bogart's!)

J said...

My gosh, thinking about New Years already...

If I get my way, I'll maybe try to be somewhere public, like a bar or restaurant with a bar, have a couple drinks, love on the boyfriend. Dressed up but low-key. I am really not one for bar-hopping or huge parties.

I agree with you regarding the hype. Halloween, New Years and Prom are the three major events that always let you down. Not that I go to proms anymore, but that whole idea that it's the best night of your night is just setting you up to fail.

You should get your monroe! If your work allows it, I think you'd look really cute. It really is best as a stand-alone piercing. My fave is definitely my septum, and it was the scariest to get, so it's the one I'll never let close, and unfortunately it looks a bit crowded with my sept AND monroe. Honestly, though, I think I might get new jewelry and keep everything in at once. It's my face, after all.

But my monroe was the LEAST PAINFUL of everything in my face. Seriously, it was like nothing.

Scotty said...

I'll be working a night shift at the fire station which is probably a good thing - it'll keep me off the streets and out of trouble, lol.

AaroN said...

If I can break away from the GF, I'll most likely take my new years motorcycle ride.

Actually, she'll probably beg to come along, so I guess I'll have to accommodate her. :)