Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So feel down

Photo courtesy of James Crowle on Flickr

I suppose it's the nature of this time of year. The busy hustle and bustle of the season seems to contribute to me feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and like a crazed maniac all at the same time. With my upcoming job change and all the stress associated with the learning curve that will come along with it, I kind of feel like crawling up into a little ball until the next month is over and done with. Despite my daily gym sessions, I haven't had particularly good sleep patterns for the last little while and I've been finding it extra hard to get out of bed in the mornings this week. I'm so cozy under my down covers at 6am when that alarm starts going off and the fact that it's pitch black outside, doesn't exactly act as a motivator to get me up and at 'em in a hurry. I've been feeling like quite the Grumpy Grumperson for the last while, to be perfectly honest. Miss604 wrote a fantatsic post today called Are You Sad? about “SAD” or “Seasonal Affective Disorder." She's listed some great tips for combatting this seasonal depression which affects so many people. The shorter days and change in temperature can affect us more than we realize.

Tonight is one of the few "me" nights that I have left this month. As fun as it is to have lots of plans, I hate to feel like a slave to them and I really enjoy my down time. I'm planning a yummy dinner for one, a long bubble bath and a few hours with a good book. I can't wait.

If you happen to be looking for something to do in the city this month that will brighten up those dark nights, I suggest that you check out Bright Nights in Stanley Park. More than a million twinkling lights transform the forest and train in the park. I went with some friends the other night and I must say that it is truly a sight to be seen. Plus, all donations collected at the event, and partial proceeds from the sale of tickets for the train, go to the BC Professional Firefighters Burn Fund to help burn survivors and their families. A good night for a good cause. You can't go wrong with this one.

Just to widen the smiles on your faces...I heard today that famed Vancouver chocolatier Thomas Haas (whose shop happens to be not more than a short walk from my office on the Northshore) has just launched a line of handmade chocolate bars containing high quality ingredients. From the office, we regularly stop in for a tasty treat at the Haas; his chocolates, sparkle cookies, pastries and lunchtime sandwiches are almost as sweet and enjoyable as his kind personality is behind the counter. This time of year you can even pick up old fashioned, chocolate filled Advent calendars, and other festive Christmas creations.
Thomas Haas delights are also available at Vancouver grocers Strong's, Whole Foods and Urban Fare. I dare you to try to stop your mouth from salivating here.


V said...

ahaha, remember "drop it like it's haas, drop it like it's haas..." we're geeks.

J said...

I love how often you post! Yay! It gets me excited!

Yeah, I can't get myself out of bed early. It is MAYBE sunny from 10am to 1pm, and that's a big maybe. I pretty much sleep until I can't stand sleeping anymore. I try to get up when the boyfriend goes to work early, but now that it's too cold to run errands on foot, it's hard to be motivated.

I really love Portland when it's bright and sunny. It's my favorite place to be. But the nine months of darkness make it hardly worth it. For the majority of the year I feel like I'm waiting for my life to start again.

Melissa and Chris said...

I had the same "problem" when I lived out there. Now, living in sunny (albeit cold) Saskatoon, some mornings I wish for the dark clouds. It's so much easier to call in sick when it's crappy out (lol). Thanks for the Bright Lights recommendation! I've been to the ones in Calgary and in S'toon, but never Van...The Game Farm had a spectacular set-up before they were taken over by new owners (boo!).

Miss 604 said...

Bright Lights are pretty expensive. I'll go walk around the outside and donate to the cause but taking the train is insanely pricey. I prefer Bear Creek Park.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Good call Rebecca...Bear Creek Park is a great option. I haven't been this year but I have definitely been a fan of their train in the past.