Thursday, December 13, 2007

I know you like my style

As Gary was blow drying my freshly highlighted mane last night at the salon, he said,"You remind me of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy with this hair..." Talk about a compliment! "She's one of my top all-time style idols!" I exclaimed. It was at that moment that I conceived the idea for this post of my top five style idols.

Carolyn Bessette- Kennedy : Carolyn's trademark cool blonde locks and her glamourous yet understated style are absolutely timeless. Minimalist, elegant. Her famous silky sheath wedding dress. Black clothes, she wore a lot of Yohji Yamamoto and Calvin Klein, some Versace, with the occasional severe white or beige item, or a warm red coat. Manolo Blahnik stilettos and bright red lipstick. Carolyn embodied New York chic whether out walking her dog or attending a red carpet event.

Kate Moss : Kate is the modern" it" girl. With her eclectic style, she's famous for wearing what she likes and having an impeccable eye for what works plus an uncanny ability to pull just about anything off. She mixes textures and fabrics to perfection. Trademark looks are skinny jeans with flats and jeans ticked into boots, fitted vests. She mixes vintage and modern pieces and layers jewellery to create a unique look that is all her own. Kate’s not ahead of the curve in the sense that she’s always looking for the next big thing; Kate determines the next big thing.

Audrey Hepburn : This classic beauty defined sophistication. Mary Quant called her the "most stylish woman who ever lived". Hubert de Givenchy said she was "a gift from on high". In film after film, Audrey wore clothes with such talent and flair that she created a style, which in turn had a major impact on fashion. Her chic, her youth, her bearing and her silhouette grew ever more celebrated. Audrey Hepburn kept it simple. She loved clean lines and emphasized her tall, slim physique. She wore a little black dress and white gloves like no one else. And thanks to Audrey, the humble black polo-neck is imbued with all sorts of sophisticated connotations since she made it a part of her signature look along with turtlenecks, ballet flats, capri pants and men's button down shirts.

Sofia Coppola : How could the muse of my favourite designer Marc Jacobs not be on this list? Unfussy, cool and classic. On set, Sofia sports a tomboy's jeans and designer sweaters; off, she wears girlish clothes that perfectly suit her gamine-like frame—baby-doll dresses, ballerina flats, and when the Academy calls, a Marc Jacobs column gown.

Cameron Diaz : Perhaps not mentioned in lists of the best dressed celebrities as often as my other choices, Cameron has always been one of my favourites. Her personal style is very much like mine. I don't think that I have ever seen her wearing something that I wouldn't wear myself. Her famously offbeat sense of style, an eclectic mix of high and low, combining pieces by a range of designers—from Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen to Versace and Valentino—with touches of her own: a vintage scarf, an antique necklace worn as a belt, a California-girl Juicy Couture tank top, a pair of hippie-chick jeans and beaded sandals, or a ghetto-fabulous purple velvet fedora. When it comes to what she wears, she's constantly creating. Cozy beanies, cashmere sweaters, and black suede, wedge boots. Casual and beachy or rockin' it on the red carpet, I always love her style.

Who are your style idols? Whose looks do you lust after? Whose closet would you love to raid?


Melissa and Chris said...

I'm always surprised by how much we think alike (great minds?) Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy was a favourite of mine as well! I think it's b/c I like simple, classic pieces and she was a Calvin Klein fan. I would just change one of your picks for my personal fav, Mrs. Beckham.

Kelly said...

Sienna Miller. I love her style so much. Also, Gwen Stefani has a look that everybody tries to copy. I like your choices too.

Tashina said...

I loved this post! Would you mind if I did a blog similar to this? Anyways, I love the style of most all the ladies you picked. Cameron isn't someone that I've ever really thought about style wise, but I do think she looks cute the large majority of the time. Simple and elegant items are always going to be in style. :)

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Go right ahead and do a similar one to this Tashina! I'll look forward to reading it! :)

Little Black Dress Designer said...

You are right on! I love all these women. Especially Ms. Hepburn. My company is Little Black Dress out of Chicago, and she is one of our muses. Isn't it amazing how some women's styles will always be in fashion. I also love Jennifer Aniston. Though she is not as daring as others, she always gets it right.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I have to agree...Jennifer Aniston always looks fabulous.