Thursday, December 13, 2007

Simply the best, better than all the rest

I wasn't home to watch the season finale of America's Next Top Model last night so I had to avoid all of my blog reads and girl talk at the water cooler today that may have contained spoilers. Tonight, post self indulgent mani at Pure Nail Bar, I settled in to watch the episode that I'd recorded.

The three remaining models participated in a Cover Girl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers commercial and print ad. While the judging panel had critiques for each of the girls' performances, they were impressed by how Saleisha portrayed herself. The judges decided that while Jenah took beautiful photos, her strong personality made her unapproachable. She was eliminated from the competition.

The next day, Saleisha and Chantal did a Seventeen magazine cover photo shoot and then faced off on in a Royal Fashion Show. Both girls strutted their stuff well in the show, but Saleisha was clearly the more confident and effective of the two.

During the final judging panel, the judges considered looked the the final two girls' photos and performance throughout the competition as well as evaluating how well they did in the runway challenge. While the judges agreed that both Saleisha and Chantal were strong contenders, Saleisha's growth and perseverance gave her the edge. Saleisha, a receptionist from Los Angeles is America's Next Top Model.

Photos courtesy of The CW

This whole cycle has been a bit of a snooze in my opinion. In fact, even the finale was rather anticlimatic. It should be interesting-as it always is- to see what (if anything) the winner will go on to do. (Guest appearances on future cycles of ANTM?)

Thoughts on the finale? Was the right girl chosen? Do you think ANTM is losing its steam?


In other news, tomorrow night is my company Christmas Party, which is notoriously the most important night of the year in our corporate world. Everyone is flown in from all the offices across the country. Everybody will be decked out as if they're going to be walking the red carpet. The girls have been buzzing about their dresses and accessories and dates for weeks. They even let us leave at 3pm to get beautiful for the 7pm dinner reservations and subsequent gala. I am looking forward to getting to see all of the out of towners. I will be wearing an understated Libertine frock that I bought in the summer and have been staring at in my closet since. I plan to channel my earlier mentioned "style idol" Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy tomorrow night. Minimalist and elegant. That's the look I'm going for. Red lips and red nails- that's all the colour I need. Stay tuned for gossip about the event. There's bound to be some kind of drama!


Ashley said...

I didn't watch this season of ANTM, but she is pretty.

Ashley at

Tashina said...

I love all of the Libertine stuff that I have seen! Have fun at the party!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I am definitely ripping off your Style Idols post tonight! I wish you would post more looks of yourself on your blog. Do you have a StyleMob account? If not, you should click the link on my Girl page and join!

I wish you would put more of an OPINION about ANTM, although I suppose you were just bored. I liked Saleisha but I just don't see her being into fashion enough. I think Jenah rocked it all around.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

You're right J, I was so bored that I barely had an opinion about ANTM this season. That's why most of my posts turned into recaps and lacked much of my own take on it. Seriously though- Jenah was my fave and once she was booted I didn't care for either of the two left. I think Saleisha's cute, but top model? meh...not so much.
I should get a style mob account. I'll check it out when I have time.
Thanks for all the great tips and ideas!

Miss 604 said...

for more "action" check out Britain's Next Top Model... yikes!