Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just a shimmy and a shake, uh huh, I can't fake, we're on top

I'm finally on the ball with a day after the show post about Top Model [pats self on the back.]This week, the models went to FIDM where they were paired with student designers to be their creative muse. I'm so intrigued by the whole design process from conception to creation, so I found this part of the show particularly interesting. Some of the muse matchups were more successful than others. Heather was pretty adamant that since she's a fire sign, there is no way that she could embody "the ocean" as expected by her designer.

The next day, the models worked the runway in a show and had to talk about the dress they inspired. Heather was painful to watch in this segment as she simply couldn't put the words together with confidence. Saleisha won the challenge but if you ask me, my girl Jenah was a rockstar on the runway too. During water cooler discussion of the show with a few of the girls in my office this morning, I discovered that Saleisha is the most popular top choice. I'm sticking by Jenah, no matter how little she impresses me in the judging panels and confessional footage, she continues to produce my favourite photos and certainly impressed me on the runway.

Later, the girls were sent to the desert where they participated in a photo shoot with a burning car. Once again, Jenah's photo is my favourite. Ambreal is sent home, deservedly so, in my opinion. I have never really liked her much or thought that she possessed the qualities needed to be a strong model, though she is a beautiful woman. Something seemed to be missing. I feel the same way about Heather.
Next week, the models are off to we get closer to determining who will become America's Next Top Model.
Photos courtesy of The CW


Candice said...

Saliesha for next top model. That's who my money is on.

gusgreeper said...

i DO love me some jenah it is between her and one other person for me. if my number one pick goes i will totally admit it.