Thursday, November 15, 2007

When I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favourite things and then I don't feel so bad

Photo courtesy of paige_eliz on Flickr

I got a little visit from the list fairy and she asked me about the top THINGS that I can't live without (or would rather not, anyway...) I love lists, so of course, I couldn't resist. Please share your list in the comments if you're a fellow list lover. Here's mine:
  • My camera: The big thing I can't live without is my camera. I love taking pictures. I'm learning not to see everything as a Kodak moment. (I guess that expression is a tad out of date now, since I don't even use film anymore....) The truth is, as soon as you start documenting the moment, you're stepping outside of it. Pictures are so great though. There's something so magical about capturing a moment in time. I love to take pictures, be in them, display them, frame them, look back at them (over & over & over again). A picture is worth a thousand words...(right Danielle?)

  • My lap top: Some would say that I spend too much time on my computer...not having access to the internet whenever I want over the last couple weeks has been harder on me than I'd like to admit. Plus, my laptop is perfect to lay in bed and watch movies on!

  • Face lotions & potions: I know I'm only 26, but I've already started thinking about wrinkles. And yet, I actually like character lines on other peoples' faces-they make a person beautiful. I think if someone smiles and doesn't have little creases on the sides of their eyes, they look like a robot. But I am obsessed with moisturizers and creams and masks. Yay Benefit, Origins and Kiehl's! It's super important to me to take incredible care of my skin. Plus, trying new products is just so much fun!

  • My toothbrush & floss: Somewhere along the way, I've transformed from "good brusher" into "OCD brushaholic" (must be Vanessa's influence!) I am now one of those people who brushes her teeth in the bathroom at work after lunch, thank you very much. Embarrassing. (I always turn off the tap while brushing though!)

  • My ipod: I can not live without music in my life. My ipod is definitely one of my favourite things in the universe and comes everywhere with me. Is there anything better than having a whole catalogue of your favourite music in one tiny little package? Perfection.

  • My journal: Writing is such a form of catharsis for me. Writing in my journal is a way for me to keep my sanity in times of complete chaos, and a way for me to remember good times and personal journeys. I often look back and re-read old entries. It's interesting to go back through your thoughts. Patterns and lessons are exposed. It's a form of expression and a good way to release stress, tension and ideas you're not ready to share with the world yet.

  • Vitamin C: I have become obsessed with Vitamin C tablets. I have these little chewable citrus flavoured ones that I take everyday. I am convinced that they save me from getting sick very often.

  • My voicemail: Since I can't say "my friends & family" because this is a list of "things"...I'm going to say my voicemail. My friends leave me the best messages in the world. Sweet, thoughtful or gut-bustingly hysterical--messages are fantastic. I'll save a really good message for months and just listen to it when I want to smile.

  • My silver ring: My best friend Eddie gave me a ring for Valentine's Day when we were in grade 9 that I still wear on my hand everyday. It symbolizes our friendship and everything that we've been through together. He means the world to me and that thoughtful gift holds so much sentiment.


Kelly said...

I like how you put voicemail. I enjoy good messages too. I'd say my can't live without item is my cell phone. A slave to the cell.

Tashina said...

Where did you get your cable knit leggings? I haven't seen them anywhere here. It's depressing! Lol.

What Vitamin C tablets do you take? I've been wanting to get some but am worried they'll taste gross.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Tashina, I got my first pair of cable knit leggings at The Bay, I think they're Nine West. I also just got a pair of black ones at H&M which are much softer (and not so itchy!)

As for vitamin C tablets, I'm a fan of the chewables from Sunkist. They taste pretty yummy to me.

J said...

Quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs! Top Model post with a Killers lyric title... YESSSSS!!

I actually hate my current layout and will probably change it very, very soon. Or just stare at it as motivation to learn to d great vectors and other things good designers can do.

I used to do vectors and much more creative layouts before Wordpress invaded the web, I'm afraid.

A good way to start making your blog more personalized is just to use Photoshop (if you don't have it, just download it. I got mine through Limewire.) or another graphics program (I used to love Jasc Paint Shop Pro) and make a custom header. ( is my younger sister, as an example of just changing a header.) Or just make a small logo to go in the top corner of your page.

Vitamin C sounds so good. I am an obsessive flosser as well. I wouldn't brush on-the-go or at work, but I do floss every single night and usually a couple extra times during the day when I'm at home.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I appreciate the positive feedback so much! Thanks for all the great tips too, J! I'll have to play around in Photoshop some more. I do have it, but I'm pretty useless when it comes to using it and I usually end up getting frustrated before I create anything brilliant. I need to spend some time practising or take a course or something. :)

PatZ said...

now i have that song stuck in my head. and not even the real version. it's the version we did in grade 9 and i was pretty much forced to be Von Trapp.
damn! now im singing it out loud!

Tawcan said...

Cool story on your silver ring. :)

Scott said...

- My crack, obviously

Enjoyed the list and hey, nothing wrong with stepping out of the moment some. Sometimes that can be even more fun than being in it :P