Thursday, July 5, 2007

The world forgetting by the world forgot

Tonight I crawled into bed early because it has been the longest short week ever. I'm absolutely exhausted. Of course I couldn't sleep, so I decided to pop in a movie. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind seemed to call my name from the dvd shelf, so I curled up and settled in to watch it. I think this movie is pure antithesis of the typical Hollywood romance. It is at once idealist and romantic but not in any sort of conventional way. It is absolutely unique and profound.
I was in awe of the movie's refreshing originality the first time I saw it. The story is about a couple who enlist the services of a company that performs a procedure to erase specific memories. Clementine (Winslet) and Joel (Carrey) decide to have the procedure done to erase one another from their minds, so that they can move on once their relationship breaks up. I just love the concept. How many times have I wished that I could erase all the special times with Mr. Heartbreaker from my memory...forget how sweet Mr. All Wrong can be at times?? You have to wonder...does the heart have a memory independent of the mind? And how valuable are the lessons we learn through loving another person?...even if that love should ultimately end in heartbreak. Can we really be who we are without the memories of people who have touched us in our lives? Is the spotless mind truly full of eternal sunshine? Or are the spots what make us who we are?
As I have chosen to break the ties that bind me to the past recently, I must also acknowledge the lessons I have learned through the experiences that I shared with that person. Those memories are a part of who I am ...who would I be without them?
The passion, flare and brilliant wit of this story are framed by incredible performances by Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Mark Ruffalo and Kirsten Dunst. I grew to really love and identify with these characters, every one of them. I was completely taken by the relationship between Clementine and Joel. They are complete opposites but their connection is undeniable, right from the get go. And they compliment one another beautifully and naturally.
Not often enough with films in this genre do I think about the concepts explored in great detail after the film has ended.
JS gives this flick two thumbs up.


Anonymous said...

I will have to see this movie.

Going through a breakup right now, I am thinking about a lot of the same things. My mother asked me the other day "well, what have you learned from this relationship? You always have to learn something." That made me wonder. I really had not given it much thought. I have learned everything yet nothing at the same time. And what have I learned in what areas? About myself? Relationships in general? All tough questions that take time to answer.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Definitely these questions take time to answer. But answering them is important in order to move forward. As awful as my last break up was, I know that the relationship itself was paramount in my own personal evolution.

Miss 604 said...

I love this movie! ...and the moment on the Charles is very close to my heart. When my husband and I were first dating I put this movie on and he fell asleep about 10 minutes in, I seriously have to get him to watch it with me again :-P