Friday, July 6, 2007

Here it comes and there it goes, another day of getting up to fight

Matthew Good will be the recipient of The Youth Role Model Of The Year Award presented by Jer's Vision Canadian Youth Diversity Initiative this year. At the gala, which will take place in October, he will be unveiling a petition signed by no less than 10,000 Canadians that support the following statement:

We, being citizens of Canada, call on all members of the Canadian government to work together to immediately produce a definitive timetable for the cessation of Canadian combat operations in Afghanistan. We specifically target these operations singularly and support continued humanitarian and diplomatic efforts where necessary and applicable.

"The purpose is, of course, to demonstrate that we, as individuals can make a difference if we choose to, which is certainly a principle that should be instilled in this country's youth." Matthew Good

If you would like to sign the petition, please click here. If you agree with the statement above please sign the petition and forward it to your family and friends so that Matt's goal of 10,000 signatures can be reached by October.

Thank you for supporting this cause! Matt's ongoing efforts to make a difference in the world are truly inspiring.

One of his entries today called The Importance of Vigilant Discussion began with the following:
'If there is one thing that is routine with regards to the emails in my inbox on a daily basis, it’s accusations that this website does little more than “preach to the choir”. That accusation is then commonly followed by suggestions that information and commentary be presented in a far more fair and balanced fashion (where have you heard that slogan before?), and that I should spend less time focusing on the same themes and more time focusing on others because, as it was put to me this morning, …“constantly talking about the war in Iraq is boring. We get it, now move along!”.'

How disheartening that this seems to be a common opinion! I believe that the people who choose to read Matt's blog should appreciate whole-heartedly the information which they can find there. The perspectives and facts that Matt provides allow me to stay up on issues that I may not have time to delve into researching on my own. The passionate insight that he shares about the topics which he discusses are exactly what make a daily visit to his site a must for me. In my opinion, Matt is doing a fantastic service by putting out into the world what he does.

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