Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Head Over Feet

Dolce & Gabbana presented their Fall/Winter 2009-2010 collection on Monday as part of Milan Fashion Week. If any show has made me wish that I had an extravagant event to attend so that I might wear one of its collection's dresses, it's this one.

Inspired by the Surrealists, Salvador Dali, Jean Cocteau and Man Ray, the collection is full of details from buttons to decorated headbands, ruffled stocking seams and scarves that look like gloves. I'm obsessed with all the black and white prints, and (obviously) I especially adore the pieces which feature Marilyn Monroe's beautiful and iconic face.

The winter silhouette is slim at the bottom and elaborate from the waist up. The shoulder is super-large, created by complicated twisting and turning of fabric. Flashes of shocking pink (a la Schiaparelli) liven up the main black and white color scheme. Showy jewelry, wedged velvet pumps and a sturdy granny bag complete the eccentric yet contemporary look.

Dolce and Gabbana defied all fashion nervousness with their opulent show this week, whose production values gave no quarter to the idea that cutbacks should be the order of the day. Times may be tough, but these are two men who are not about to give an inch on what they believe in.

Photos: Coutorture


Cherie said...

Superb collection! Two of my favorites- Marilyn and D&G. So cool.

PatZ said...

fifth one up from the bottom is pretty cool.

Bee said...

This is irrelevant to this post but I really enjoy reading your blog =D