Tuesday, February 10, 2009

48 Hours Of Winter

With Grouse Mountain open for shredding for a full 48 hours from February 13th to 15th, DC thought it would be sweet to take the "Enjoy The Ride More" concept to a whole new level.

Team riders from four shops -- The Boardroom (Vancouver), The Circle (Whistler), Showcase (Vancouver), and Evolution (Whistler) -- will be be riding at Grouse for 48 hours. While on the mountain, they will have to authentically show us how they "enjoy the ride more" by uploading photos, videos and blogging about their experience live on Push.ca. Teams will be expected to post something every four hours on the site. The shop team that can last the entire stretch and deliver the most creative blog posts will win a day of catboarding at Powder Mountain Catskiing in Whistler, a head-to-toe DC kit, plus spending money.

It's going to be crazy!

Highlights of 48 Hours of Winter include:

· Skiing
· Snowboarding
· Terrain Parks
· The Yeti Snowshoe Series competition
· DC presents "Enjoy the Ride More!" contest
· Ice skating
· Midnight snow shoe tours (depart)
· Endless dining opportunities
· Theatre in the Sky's ‘marathon of winter action sports' films
· DJ spinning tunes all night long
· Air Grouse Mountain Ziplines

DC launched the Enjoy The Ride More snowboard campaign in November 2008. The campaign features professional snowboarders, Devun Walsh and Iikka Backstrom alongside TV infomercial legend Billy Mays. For those of you planning to head up the mountain to check out it out this weekend, be sure to stop by and visit me in the DC kitchen at the top of Grouse Mountain, where I'll be hanging out all day Saturday. We'll enter your name for product giveaways as you drink espresso and watch the Billy Mays infomercials. A couple of the other reps will be demoing the new and totally rad DC snowboards as well, so that'll be a great opportunity to see how much you can enjoy the ride!

Check back for coverage of the weekend!

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Danny said...

The commercials are rad. Sweet that they'll be doing demos on the boards, been wantin to check the DC boards out.