Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who Wants To Be Right As Rain

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Best friend designing twosome Sophia Coloma and Marissa Ribisi (twin sis of Giovanni, wife of Beck) are the brains behind the casual wear label, Whitley Kros. The duo, which claims inspiration for their latest collection is a Bohemian combination of the influences of Morocco, Greece, Bob Dylan, and Allen Ginsberg, showed their line on the Main Stage at LA Fashion Week on Sunday night.

The mixed prints, slashed denim and marching band jackets for Spring 2009 are absolutely one hundred percent West Coast. Many of the loose fitting outfits seem to be one part worn the night before and one part boyfriend's t-shirt. If untidiness has its place in every young person's life, it's certainly exemplified here (in fact, some of the hairdos look very much like mine when I wake up in the morning!) There are a few pieces that I really LOVE, and I definitely feel the vibe of the collection. I'm a West Coast girl through and through, so I dig the laid back quality of the clothes, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit to finding some of the looks a bit frumpy, as well as some of the styling just a little too ragamuffin for the runway.

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I'm much more a fan of their Fall 2008 collection, for which the tag line is "Melanie Griffith in Working Girl travels through Berlin and Paris, listening to Nirvana.” For the Fall collection they presented both polished staple pieces and fun, bright, random, exciting ones. They also showed a sophisticated grey and black plaid wool blend in the form of high-waisted skirts paired with vibrant contrasting coloured silk blouses. There's a definite retro 70s and 80s feel to many of these pieces. I love the vibrant bursts of colour, and appreciate very much that this collection is adding some "fun" to the moodiness of Fall. I like, I like.

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**Note: The title comes from the lyrics to "Right As Rain," by my latest musical obsession, Adele. You should check her out here. She pretty much rocks. H/T Dad


Keira-Anne said...

These two have a fan in me! Marissa Ribisi was also the chick with the redhead afro in Dazed and Confused that Matthew McCoughnauhey's character wanted to take to the Aerosmith concert.

Candace said...

I really love the Fall stuff too- that orange dress is so purdy.

Colette said...

I love both collections. I see your point about the 'ragamuffin' look for Spring though.Great post! These two are definitely up and comers and they have the support of many, many celebrities too.