Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fashionably Natural

Photo: Seattlepi

L.A. Fashion Week opened last Thursday with Fashionably Natural, a runway show that featured four of Los Angeles’ emerging eco-fashion designers showing their Spring 2009 collections. Hosted in collaboration with SOYJOY and nonprofit Gen Art, Fashionably Natural showcased the talent of Bridgid Cattis, Popomomo, The Battalion, and Velvet Leaf. The catwalk was covered with frocks and jumpsuits made entirely from organic, recycled, and sustainable textiles.

Photo: Seattlepi

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal (who happens to be one of my girl crushes) hosted the event. The variety of styles and textiles, which included denim, soy and bamboo jersey, organic cotton and silk found throughout the collections demonstrates the versatility of eco-fashion and leaves no doubt that “Eco-Chic” is not a passing trend. Using sustainable materials, organic, raw textiles and recycled vintage fabrics, these designers represent the forward-thinking conscience of the fashion industry. It’s an understanding that what women wear is as much statement of substance as it is of style.

Photos: Gen Art

“[Sustainable fashion has] become more and more important every passing year with what’s happening to the environment,”
said Ian Gerard, Gen Art’s founder and CEO. “It’s nice to see it translate into fashion as well as everything from consumer products to cars. So it’s very exciting that this is our first green fashion show.”

You can view more photos from the show here.


Roshan said...

I just love ur new header.

Anna said...

Maggie is hot. I can understand the girl crush there.

Thanks for posting this- sustainability is of paramount importance and seeing fashion go in this direction is a very good thing.

Keira-Anne said...

Who is this dress by? I adore it...

Jennifer Stoddart said...

That one's by Velvet Leaf.

J said...

I have a huge girl crush on Maggie too. And sustainability is SO important. Great post!