Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Night Thoughts

I'm having flashbacks,
filling in moments that I'm lacking now.

I can not run fast enough to catch them
this night.

I stop myself in doorways
and on steps,
leaning backward to moments
I feel so far away from now.

They were small then,
I did not realize that I would feel this way.

I want to stay up and talk to you tonight,
about how I feel that I've had opportunity for great love and

Those grey glimpses are what will let me know
that I have found it when I finally do.

The thing about these flashbacks,
is that they make me look forward
to what is next.

Now if what is next could only hurry up...


Keira-Anne said...

I think you are pretty and that your writing is pretty.

Barbara Doduk said...

"Now if what is next could only hurry up..."

HA My sentiments exactly.

Dig that shirt BTW