Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's just that simple

I spent one night in Vancouver last night but otherwise, it's been all awkward sleeps and crazy dreams. I'm not really here, it seems. Nothing is happening to bring me back to earth.

The last week has taken me from this:

to this:

New people.
I'm learning so much right now.

I miss my old friends.
I even miss my new friends...

I'm getting to know people, being open and laughing about our thoughts, our misfortunes,
and our futures. Talking about how thankful we are for people like us...
helpful, giving, gracious, funny, smart...

For the first time in quite some time,
I'm looking forward to the summer,
this new chapter.

All the disillusionment is gone.
I can, for once, answer Why. Where. Who...

So I will try my best to keep all the thoughts straight.
I will try my best to keep my head above water,
to keep everyone content (so hard sometimes!)
to keep phones ringing with good news,
to involve myself.
make room.

I will not take anything for granted-
especially spending time with amazing
and way too special people.


Keira-Anne said...

I am excited to be getting to know you and am most definitely looking forward to all the fun summertime adventures headed our way! I suddenly just envisioned our summer dresses, espadrilles, Starbucks frappuccinos, two puppies and the Seawall...

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I feel the same way...and I'm quite sure the vision you described is what's going help me get through the next week of work in the snowy prairies...
Yay! So much summer fun to come! :)

Raul said...

Hi Jennifer,

We missed you at Tequila Kitchen, but for sure we need to organize something. I want to finally meet you!

Be well,
:) Raul

PatZ said...

did you have a snow fight and/or make a snowman and/or make snow angels and /or make a snow fort? because those things are guaranteed to be a good time.

Juliet said...

Sleep well.

Kate said...

Oh, how I miss the snow! It's so gorgeous... Wish i could go snowboarding right now... Too bad there's no chance it'll snow here!!
Nice site by the way! Look forward to hearing more about your adventures, looks fun!

Phaedra said...

I look forward to your return, and to spending some quality time getting to know you.

Oh, and please don't bring any of that snow back with you ;)