Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bring on the sunshine

Today is the first day in weeks that I've sounded less like Tom Waits and Kathleen Turner's love child and more like myself. Between the wretched head cold and the now infamous Saskatoon food poisoning incident, it's been a touchy couple of weeks in the health and general "feeling good" department. It rained and rained yesterday, so much so that I couldn't even see across the street at my North Shore office at times. While I do enjoy the odd day of rain pounding hard on the roof incessantly, it would be lovely if the person who is stepping on spiders could please stop now, because I definitely liked that sunshine we had on the weekend better. That, and I'm ready to break out the flip flops.
Visions of summer have been dancing in my head for a few weeks now and the more ideas that are discussed and plans that are made, the more excited I become about the upcoming season. I wish that I could start living in sundresses right now. Warm, sunny days at the beach, long walks on the sea wall and the bronze, glowing skin that results from a summer day outside are all things to look forward to.
Chatting with Keira today got my mind wrapped up in fantasies about flowing summer dresses and perfect, pedicure exposing footwear. Being the procrastinating creature that I am (even at deadline time)- I spent a few moments googling shoes this afternoon. You better believe that these babies by Marc Jacobs are going on my wish list (along with several other more affordable pairs).

Photo: Marc Jacobs


Keira-Anne said...

Though I normally shy away from shoes with ankle straps (for reasons I know we've discussed in the past), those are totally adorable!

I think that the spider killer may have been me. Though I appreciate creatures great and small, I woke on Sunday at my mom's with a spider in my bed so after being grossed out, I flicked the intruder away from me. I'm pretty sure he collided head-first with the wall.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I can't believe that you're the spider killer! hahaha

Melissa and Chris said...

Marc = Marvelous

PatZ said...

I've been told that my summer fashion will most likely entail a sun parasol and a man skirt. also monsoons. go figure, leave vancouver when it starts to rain less, and go to where it rains even more hahah.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

oh, but you're going to have such a fantastic time, patz!

(Olivia) said...

Those are some cute sandals!

This is a good read :)
I'm one of those few odd people who prefers rain over sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Ooh I love those shoes. They remind me of the sandals I wore as a kid in the best way.

- J @ Hollow-Star.net