Saturday, April 5, 2008

Breathing Underwater

Photo: Mark and Marina on Flickr

I'm seeing a different world for an hour a day
the freedom it allows my mind,
and the stiffness it dissolves.

I have been doing so much thinking.
I have been doing so much grieving.
I resolved to communicate.
I resolved to let loved ones know
where they had places in my heart,
and how they changed me.

Things I have realized about myself:

  • Sometimes I can ignore the ache.
  • I cry in movies even easier than I used to.
  • When I pick up a pen to write, I think about Grandma.
  • I miss my best friend more than ever.
  • I spend lots of time in my head, but that's okay.
  • I am a complicated creature.

As long as I keep breathing underwater, I will feel strength in me. A friend told me I am being too hard on myself- that I have to give it time. I know.


Caroline said...

Coming to self realizations is a sign of evolution...good for you.

Beautiful picture that you have chosen to go with this post.

Hunters Glory said...

Very cool pic!