Saturday, December 1, 2007

Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder

Photo courtesy of Rob on Flickr

I awoke to discover snowflakes falling from the sky outside my window. I couldn't believe the forecasters were right! It doesn't take much of the white stuff to cause a frenzy in Vancouver. Personally, I take great pleasure in getting all bundled up and playing in the snow. Not to mention that if it's coming down like this right here in the city, we're talking serious fresh pow up in Whistler.
After pilates and a giant mug of green tea this morning, I ventured up Robson Street wearing my chalet boots with one mission in particular: to find the perfect pair of shoes for my Christmas party ensemble. With frozen ears and toes, I ended up right there in the middle of frantic, holiday shoppers. I instantly remembered that although I love a little of the hustle and bustle of shopping in December, it is no time to be on a mission that you're hoping to accomplish quickly.
Sadly, I am back home this afternoon sans party shoes, but I did manage to score a killer pair of black boots for an absolute steal at Winners. I just had to have them. Last pair. My size. They were calling my name. Keira-Anne posted earlier this week about the joy of finding amazing shoes at a good price. Let's just call them my Christmas present to myself.
I passed Santa Claus himself on Denman Street as I headed home. He gave me a wave and a jolly, "ho, ho, ho!" how could I be anything but all smiles today? Plus, tomorrow night Kristina, Deanna and I are going to spice it up at The Garage. Yeah, that's right.

Speaking of the cold and snow...Duane wrote a fantastic post called The Dead of Winter over at urge you to read it.


J @ said...

Oh you bitch! We were supposed to get snow today down here in Portland too, but nothing yet!

Melissa and Chris said...

I'm soooo jealous you get to spice it up...make sure you do the Posh Point - just for me!

Tawcan said...

Can't wait to get more pow pow action in the backcountry.

It's sunny here in California and I ain't complaining. :)

Keira-Anne said...

Yay for awesome shoe deals :)

KreativeMix said...

this pic is too pretty for words :-)