Friday, November 30, 2007

The waiting is the hardest part

Photo courtesy of GenkiGenki on Flickr
I'm no fan of the waiting game. I've been forced to play it all week and it's sheer torture. Monday. Monday is the day. I feel like there is electricity running through my veins. I'm a bundle of nerves, even though I probably shouldn't be.
I've spent so much of my life worrying and holding back. The thing about worrying, is that it doesn't accomplish anything. I know that, I really do, but I continue to do it. What I've been working on is not holding back so much. The biggest lesson that I've learned of late is just to live life. Take a chance, try it once, you can do anything you want to do. I have reached so many goals and seen so many of my dreams come true over the last couple of years that I am forced to believe this, even if purely by default. It has been proven to me that I can accomplish what I set out to, yet I continue to be afraid. These accomplishments have not come without stress or bumps along the road and they have certainly involved several leaps of faith and whole lot of hard work on my part; but they have come nonetheless. I'm quite sure that I will always think too much, overanalyze and want to discuss, I'm a Gemini, it's what we do best. Monday. For once, Monday can't come soon enough.


Anonymous said...

positive thoughts!!

PatZ said...

what happens on Monday?

oh, and now I have that 'Monday, Monday' song stuck in my head hahah.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

What happens on Monday will be revealed only if it has the outcome that I'm hoping for!

Krista said...

I hope Monday goes well for whatever is coming your way!

I feel the same way, that I've accomplished more in a few years than I ever have from breaking down my barriers. It's a good thing.