Monday, October 8, 2007

It's cool, it's cool to love your family

One of the best things about this long weekend is that I got to spend some quality time with my little brother. I suppose he's not so little anymore, he's bigger than I am, in fact; but I'm pretty sure that I'll always think of him as my little bro. Greg is six and a half years my junior. I can't believe that he's 19 now and a university student. I still do a double take every time we go out for a beer. People are always surprised at how close we are considering the huge age gap, but that's just how we've always been. I guess that's the kind of close knit family that we are. The two of us are both very intense and also totally repressed Saturday Night Live actors, so when we get together you can imagine the hijinx that ensues. He is a super talented film maker. I had the pleasure of watching some of his recent work this evening and it blew me away. I really hope that he pursues a career in that area one day because he is so brilliant, he will undoubtedly be wildly successful.
Having a strong brother-sister relationship is one of those things in life that I really cherish and consider myself extremely lucky for being able to enjoy. He is one of the people I know that I can go to for anything. I can laugh with him or cry in front of him and he never judges me. No matter what the situation is, he is capable of making me feel better. I am so proud of the strong, sensitive and intelligent man that he has grown up to be.
Tonight we spent some time hamming it up for Photo Booth and this was the result:


PatZ said...

my sister's only a year and a half younger, but it's pretty much the same thing. She's always the 'little sister' in my head and sometimes i forget she's way more grown up than i am probably hahah.

Ashley said...

You guys are so cute! Family resemblance much? Holy smokes!! It's so nice that you're so close. I wish I had close relationships with my siblings.

Roshan said...

That is so cute. My sister is 6 years older, she's 37 now. For ages we fought all the time, spent weeks without talking to each other. When I hit my mid 20s I think we became a lot more closer and now it's like a well known but unspoken affection.

JaG said...

I love these pictures!! It looks like your really enjoy each other's company.