Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm a window, come break in

Matthew Good’s third solo album Hospital Music is in stores today. I have to say, I can barely remember the first time I heard one of Mr. Good’s songs, which was Alabama Motel Room when I was about 15, because I literally find it difficult to remember not being a fan. What I do remember clearly from that time, is falling in love immediately with his voice and his sound. Talk about an artist who has influenced my life…over the years, I have anticipated his album releases, played his music on repeat for hours on end and attended way too many shows and appearances to count. I have been encouraged to educate myself to a much greater degree about human and animal rights, world issues and politics and been inspired by Matt’s writing and passion for his art and beliefs.

This particular release is even more exciting to me because I know the depth and honesty of the content on this record and have come to know Matt as a friend. The first time I heard it, I told him that it was my favourite yet because it sounds the most “him”…
It has been said that “music is what feelings sound like”…that could not be more true for Hospital Music. I played the stream for my parents the other night, and they both fell in love with it too. I can guarantee you that my dad will be out buying his copy today, as of course will I.
Each track drips with heart and soul and you can feel the energy as it shifts through a myriad of emotions. Clearly, Matt had many realizations throughout the writing of this record, many of which are represented in song. While some may say that bitterness is one of the themes, what really resonates with me is the fact that while confronting his past; including all of the pain that goes along with that, he made the choice to end with a cover of Daniel Johnston’s “True Love Will Find You In The End…” What a beautiful, optimistic and meaningful decision after all that Matt has been through.

I encourage everyone to go out and buy it today and wish Matt all the success that he deserves with this brilliant record. I am humbled by Matt’s talents and wish to congratulate him on this incredible piece of work; it is truly a masterpiece.

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Photo courtesy of Dan Lilly on Flickr


PatZ said...

it's stellar no question.
it's also a really good album to chill out to under a patio umbrella in the backyard.

Anonymous said...

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