Monday, August 24, 2009

Back To Fall Basics

After being holed up in my apartment for what seemed like an eternity last week...with barely enough energy to get popsicles from my freezer and capable of little more than sleeping and whining (on account of being taken out by a case of strep throat), I found myself with time to think about what lies ahead...that's right kids, fall fashion! Today I felt inspired to share with you a few key things that I have on my radar for the coming season.

1. First up, jeans are an absolute wardrobe essential. Jeans go with everything and there’s a pair out there to flatter everyone. No matter your personal style, there’s no way you can go into fall without at least one amazing pair of jeans. They’re the foundation of a look, part of countless great outfits, and one of the most comfortable and classic pieces you can own. This season there's no one style to have but rather, there are several great fits and washes that work. Skinny, bootcut, boyfriend, ripped, bleached, tie-dyed, wide-leg trouser, ankle length, black, grey, dark indigo or brightly coloured- you can do no wrong with a great fitting pair of jeans this fall.

2. Who wouldn't want their hands free to sip a latte, send a Blackberry message or flip through the sale racks? Enter crossbody bags. Totally practical, totally hip. This fall you can sling your purse across your stylish outfit. I just picked up a cute one by Roxy; it's perfect for Saturday shopping trips.

3. Another key piece for your fall wardrobe is the basic tee. I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of a top more versatile or essential for daytime than the slouchy basic tee. It keeps you cool when it’s hot out, layers perfectly under everything, never looks too dressy and can be worn a million different ways. Even better, if you’re shopping on a budget, you can’t get more budget friendly than the slouchy basic tee shirt. I own the American Apparel one shown below in several colours, and I love it. Soft, comfortable, and cheap. What more could a girl (or boy!) ask for? the Quiksilver Women's line also has a ton of perfect, slouchy tees. Dress it up or dress it down, a comfy t-shirt never disappoints.

4. A great jacket is perhaps the most essential fall piece that every girl needs in her wardrobe. Not only do jackets keep us warm on cool fall days, but they’re also important for wardrobe versatility and layering. Feeling like you wear the same thing every day? One new jacket can add tons of new looks to your rotation. Jackets are also the perfect way to cover up any perceived body “problem areas” – a well-cut blazer, for example, can cinch you in at the waist, making you look thinner and perfectly proportioned. The hottest jackets this fall include: the denim jacket, the motorcycle jacket, the embellished military jacket and the boyfriend blazer.

5. Sweaters are another must have for fall. I don’t know about you, but when I think of fall fashion, I always think of layering – it can be warm enough that you don’t need always coat but cool enough that you do need sweaters, scarves, and the occasional fabulous jacket...perfect layering weather. Of course a great cardigan remains a staple in every wardrobe, but the "destroyed sweater" has become a must have item this year as well. The incredible Alexander Wang got us obsessed with this trend last fall when he sent his coveted grunge sweater dress down the runway. Ever since, high-end retailers and discount shops alike have been stocking their own versions of his shredded knitwear. A destroyed sweater is a perfect piece for fall because it will keep you warm but not too warm, it can be layered over your favourite tanks and skinny jeans, and will give you that effortlessly chic grunge look.

Photo: Fashion Toast

6. One of the most talked-about trends for fall? Over-the-knee boots. This trend first appeared at the Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear shows when Givenchy sent an amazing shiny black pair (pictured below) down the runway. Then Blake Lively’s character Serena famously caused an internet uproar when she wore a suede pair during Gossip Girl’s first season. Ever since, the trend has taken off! Over-the-knee boots showed up on all the Fall 2009 RTW runways, spotted everywhere from Louis Vuitton to Prada. Celebrities love this trend too: everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Rihanna to Kate Moss and even Miley Cyrus has worn over-the-knee boots recently. Whether they’re thigh-high or slightly above the knee, leather or suede, flat or stiletto-heeled, every possible incarnation of over-the-knee boots will be available in stores this fall.

My big purchase of the season (I hope) will be the perfect moto jacket. I'm officially on the hunt. What items will be tops on your shopping list this fall?

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Loxy said...

To be honest, I haven't been inspired by the fall fashions like I have in years past. While the colour palate is generally better in the fall for me - and my shockingly pale skin - I feel there is nothing that screams new style.

Maybe that's a good thing though. Less pieces that I need to put into my wardrobe for the short term, and more that I can add for the long term.

Tracy said...

I love fall and I loved this entry! It's given me some great ideas for clothes that are already in the closet. I picked up a faux leather jacket and can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can cut the tags off and head out the door. One sad thing about Fall is that wearing dresses and skirts will be a bit more challenging.

Anonymous said...

Great post!

I agree with Loxy... this fall the fashions are certainly a sign of the times and a reflection of going back to basics and practicality.

I've definitely got a pair of boyfriend jeans on my wish list. And that tshirt that MK Olsen is wearing is hot. Love a deep deep V.

VancityAllie said...

Great write-up! All your suggestions are practical and fashionable.

Unfortunately I'm going to pass on my usual fall shopping this year in light of upcoming furniture purchases, but I look forward to seeing how everyone wears Fall this year!

Fortunately I have some brown suede over the thigh boots I can use this year again... hooray for stuff coming back into fashion ;)

Can't wait to see your motorcycle jacket when you find it! Sounds sexy!

Kat said...

I need a good jacket/blazer and those high boots, too! Nice blog.