Friday, June 26, 2009

Tribute To A Legend: Michael Jackson

I remember seeing the Thriller video for the first time on television when I was a little girl. I watched the whole thing, jaw agape and shrieked out loud...first in fear and then in delight. It scared the hell out of me. I had nightmares for weeks, but I still wanted to watch it again. This is the first of many memories that I have of Michael Jackson, whose complicated, fantasy infused and tragic life ended yesterday at 50 years old in Los Angeles.

via Sony Music here:

Michael Jackson, one of the most widely beloved entertainers and profoundly influential artists of all-time, leaves an indelible imprint on popular music and culture.

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VancityAllie said...

SO true! Absolutely a legend.

Great post. I was shocked to hear the news yesterday, but your post pretty much sums up how I feel. Definitely sad to hear the news, but happy to know his legend will live on.

Dean said...

He truly was a brilliant artist, despite the crazy stuff. I like the pictures that you chose for this entry very much. Great tribute.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

@Dean: I think that he was probably a brilliant artist because of the crazy stuff.

A wise friend of mine wrote:

"No, an artist’s work cannot be stripped from that which made them great in the first place to placate the needs of those that only want to remember them in a singular way. The sum total of their parts is what makes them memorable, because without all of it converging on a single point within them they would have never produced the art that they did.

To overlook Michael Jackson’s bizarre qualities because he has passed away is to deny that those qualities played a role in his creativity."

...and I agree completely.