Friday, May 8, 2009

Drop Your Denim

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Union Gospel Mission is asking you to drop your denim...for a good cause. On May 11-14, UGM is partnering with Rock 101 and the Vancouver Fire Department for the 2009 Denim Drive. Your new or gently used jeans could give someone less fortunate a chance to turn their life around. So please, dig deep into your closets and see what you can find. It could make a huge difference in someone's life.

Via UGM:

At UGM, we believe hope begins with a meal, but a new life can also begin with a new pair of pants. By dropping off your slightly-worn denim, you can help someone have a fresh start. Maybe your old jeans will encourage one of our guests to leave the streets and return to a trade, or to feel so good about themselves they choose to go back to school.

But we need your help to pull this off. Here are some ways you can help:

1. Spring Cleaning
Dig deep into your closets and dressers and bring down any new or slightly-used denim to our official drop offs.

2. Inspire Your Workplace
Now that you’ve battled the dust bunnies in your own closet, encourage your co-workers, colleagues, or teammates to do the same. Download and print our posters here, paste them in your lunchroom. Collect donations and bring them to the closest official drop-off.

3. Challenge Your Competitors
Once you’ve got the ball rolling at your workplace, why not put your competitors to the test? See if they can meet or exceed your organization’s generous donation.

4. Spread The Word
Get your friends, family and social network in on the action. Spread the word on your blog, Twitter, or Facebook. You can even phone, fax, email, or, get super old-school and use a carrier pigeon.

Denim can be dropped off at any of the 20 Vancouver Fire Department locations, Rock 101 or UGM's main reception at 616 East Cordova (between 9am and 5pm.)

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Roshan said...

That's a great idea. A good hearted drive. We have similar stuff, usually from a non-profit org or Lions club or something; they send people over and informing us in advance and collect used clothing to give to the poor & needy.