Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Put It In Your Heart Where Tomorrow Shines

If the freakin' snow would ever stop for good this year, maybe we could really start to get excited about spring fashion.

Diane von Furstenberg describes her Spring 2009 collection as "an homage to Diana Vreeland, who taught us we could be goddesses and rock stars." The vibrant colours, the fabric's light, airy flow and texture; each piece exudes a stunning youthful femininity. With a big dose of flower child, the dresses and separates in India-inspired hues and adornments are just gorgeous. The white cotton lace pieces are sweet, and floor-grazing floral gowns, demure. Prints are plentiful and gold sequins sparkle. DvF's take on silk pants, (which I'm seeing everywhere) is wearable and pretty. And perhaps my favourite part...those headpieces. I want to put one on and run around in a grassy field playing ring around the rosy.

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Keira-Anne said...

DvF's Spring collection is so different from the staple pieces she's known for. While I can admire the whimsical designs she's producing, I'm much more interested in her classics like the wrap dresses, tailored pieces and structured shapes.

Lindsay Dee said...

I don't know much about style/fashion nor this designer (well, except that you and Keira love her) but I really like this collection! It's flowy, girly and one part tree-hugger.

Where can I sign up? (for a new credit card so I can afford this stuff) ;)

Jennifer Stoddart said...

@Keira-Anne: I totally agree. I'm a big fan of her classics. I just really want to dance around in one of those headpieces ;)

tina said...

while i too agree that her classics are timeless, every girl should have some whimsy like this in her closet to rock!
This collection is all kinds of right for this upcoming season... hell, we need some uplifting!

Great post (as always) jennifer