Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh, Thunder In My Heart

Life has been a little crazy over the last couple weeks. I realized this morning that I hadn't even posted an entry about the Lykke Li concert, which was back on February 11th. On that Wednesday night my lovely date Angela and I made our way to The Commodore Ballroom (she walked, I limped). We were two giddy girls, so excited to see this woman perform live. After we checked out coats, it was drink time. Since the highballs that we'd planned on drinking cost upwards of a zillion dollars each, we decided to switch to cheap draft beer- which did us just fine.

While we were waiting for Lykke to take the stage (and talking through the opening band, which we weren't fond of), we met up with my friend Leah. Leah's always entertaining and definitely kept us laughing right up until the show started.

Then Lykke appeared on stage. Shrouded in loose, filmy black with a cowbell in hand for the melodic opener Dance Dance Dance – which she can, bouncing about with hip-hop-informed, shoulder-centric moves for much of the night. The 22-year old is charming, confident, and sings disarmingly pretty songs.

For her encore, Lykke performed, with genuine emotion, an exceptionally amazing live version of Tonight and an awesome cover of A Tribe Called Quest's CanI Kick It? (which is one of my favourite songs in the I was stoked!)

Such an effortless combination of talent and wiles are hard to come by, and easy to fall for.


anna said...

I would love to see her live. Thanks for showing your pics.

angekins said...

Yay! Such an awesome night with an awesome gal - as well as Lykke :) and yes your friend was Heelarious!