Saturday, February 14, 2009

48 Hours Of Awesomeness- Day Two

Happy Valentine's Day! I have been up at the top of Grouse with the four teams trying to enjoy the ride most for 48 hours. The boys are certainly tired today, but still in great spirits- shredding, taking unreal photos, and documenting all the fun they're having on! The blog posts they've been turning out are fantastic and soooo funny (especially considering that they're all running on very, very minimal sleep, if any). The lodge was pretty much crazy packed all day today- and it seems like there are many people jumping on the "48 Hour" bandwagon, even outside of our contest. I answered more questions than I knew the answers to, and gave out a gazillion stickers.

Let me just say, I'd hate to be one of the judges because all of these guys are so awesome and are doing an absolutely amazing job up here. The creativity that continues to flow from them, even after being on the mountain for more than 24 hours absolutely astounds me. Very impressive. It's definitely going to be very tough to choose a winner. They are all super fun guys with hearts of gold and it has been a pleasure to kick it with them over the last couple days.

This afternoon, the kitchen was abuzz with the sound of chopping carrots and cheering as the guys competed to see which team could chop the most carrots in 30 seconds using a DC snowboard (why carrots? click here, and watch the Ikka commercial). Team Showcase was the big winner, chopping 11 carrots. Their prize? A brand new DC snowboard for each of them. Josh also wins the "sweetest gesture of the day" award for giving his old board away to a kid who had his board stolen at the mountain today. The kid, of course, was beyond stoked and we were beyond impressed with Josh's stellar kindness.

We're down to just about 11 hours left in the contest. You can bet that the guys will be pulling out all the stops in the final hours.

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