Saturday, January 31, 2009

Running, Running, As Fast As We Can

It’s super easy to lose motivation during these winter months, so I thought it was time to turn up the heat! When I heard about Team Hot Years, started by Fo' Sho Shawna and a crew of other totally hot babes, I knew that I had to pick up a Nike+ iPod sport kit, create a mini (to look just like me) and kick my hinny into high gear. The sensor fits into your shoe, the other part fits into your iPod Nano and together they motivate you to get your butt out there and run like the wind by tracking your workouts, telling you how far and how fast you've gone, and how many calories you've burned plus allowing you to join up with teams and create challenges for one another. After each workout, you upload your results, and then voila! can share your progress with your friends and teammates on then celebrate your accomplishments (or trash talk your competition). You can even download Nike+ Coached Workouts on iTunes, and let a pro like Lance Armstrong tell you when to speed up or slow down.

I completed my first workout with my new Nike+ this afternoon. It was more of a "test" than an actual run. I wanted to figure out how it all works before our big challenge starts tomorrow, so I set out for a walk in the sunshine, which ended up being just over 6 kilometers. I'm going to become obsessed with this thing. I can feel it already. This was also my first workout in my new shoes. The air cushion support in them is absolutely awesome.

I've really missed running. For years, I ran religiously. I trained for races and set goals for myself, taking great pride in achieving them. In addition to Shawna, who killed it in her first half marathon back in December in Vegas, Miss Melissa has also been a serious source of inspiration to me as I follow her runs and workouts via her blog and Twitter. Nothing pushes you to get out there more than seeing your friends' success. That's the whole idea behind the Nike + program. And it works.

I've always loved running. It's something you can do by yourself, and under your own power. You can go in any direction, as fast or slow as you want, fighting the wind if you feel like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs

You can meet the ladies of Team Hot Years over here in the mini aquarium on Shawna's blog.

Meet my mini below:


Karisa said...


Melissa said...

Aw, your mini is too cute! Thanks for the shout out...perhaps once I've moved out there we can do some races togeths....xo

Lindsay Dee said...

Ahh I just signed up on Nike+ last week without even realizing what it was! I thought it was a workout tracker and that I entered in my data and didn't realize that I needed a sensor. Been thinking about purchasing the sensor/sport kit - maybe I'll wait to see what you think about it; a product review of sorts!

Good luck with the running Jen - heaps of fun!

Tawcan said...

Very cool setup. Your mini is pretty funny. How much is the entire setup?

Barbara Doduk said...

Nice. I admire anyone who can run. I wish I could, however my titanium screwed ankle damage prevents that from being a reality. :( SO run for those of us that wish we could. :)

Jennifer Stoddart said...

@Tawcan: The kit is $40 for the sensor and the ipod attachment. If you don't have a Nano or iTouch, you'd have to invest there as well. Plus shoes. All Nike running shoes now come with a spot to insert the sensor- but there is also a pouch that you can buy (which is cheap) that will stick to your shoes and hold the sensor if you don't have Nikes.