Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lovely Lady

Photo: Huffington Post

With all of the attention around the inauguration of Barack Obama, did anyone stop to check out how stunning his lady looked today?

Her lemongrass-yellow dress and jacket are by Isabel Toledo, a Cuban-American designer.

There was nothing traditional or remain-in-the-background about Michelle's outfit. She deliberately did not wear a typical "First Lady" frock. From the sunny, optimistic color to the choice of a dressy, almost evening look, she exuded pride and confidence. Mrs. Obama seems very comfortable in her own skin and completely grounded. I have to admit, the images of her and Barack holding hands and laughing today warmed my heart. Could they be any more adorable? I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen any of the footage of them dancing at the Inaugural balls? Swoon - now THAT's a fairy tale!

I fell in love with Michelle Obama back in the Fall when I first saw her on Larry King. She's just so ... REAL. Definitely a good role model to aspire to emulate. :)

J said...

I love it! Another fashion blog called it over-the-top. They also referred to it as green. It's an optimistic and trendy spring yellow and I lovvves. The daughters looked amazing as well with their cinched waists.

Melissa said...

LOVE her and her style. She's such a strong woman and is going to be a fantastic First Lady. I feel like it will be more of a partnership rather than the traditional "stand by your man".

Keira-Anne said...

I'm really hoping that covering Michelle Obama's attire over the next four (and hopefully more!) years will become a regular segment on your blog. It's cliche to say, but she's a breath of fresh fashion air at the White House.